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SPIRITVS ITALICVS album is the 3rd part of the Colossal Metal Epopea Based on Virgilio's ENEIDE, the Holy Roman Poem.
The album speaks about the books VI-VII-VIII-IX of ENEIDE.

SPIRITVS ITALICVS is also an album MANIFESTO about the REBIRTH of the Ancient and True ITALIC SPIRIT.

This is the video of song 6 titled "SPIRITVS ITALICVS I" (speaks about the book VIII of ENEIDE)

This is the first video Opera based on HESPERIA's Tetralogy about ENEIDE

English Translation:
(music and liryc by Hesperus, 2007-2013)

scene XIII: "War in Hesperia"
War, war, war, war
(Italic Choirs: Mancan)
War in Hesperia and war to the Trojans
warriors summoning “the Italic Spirit”
(backing vocal: Namter)
Aeneas and the Trojans, sons of Dardanus, pityful summoning “the Italic Spirit”
(backing vocal: Fervs)
scene XIV: "The Dream of the god Tiberinus"
The night comes down, in a dream Tiberinus
God of the holy river (Tevere) reveals himself to Aeneas;
he is the Hero, the Saviour, “this is the land of the Fate: Hesperia”!
(backing vocal: Mancan)
“this is the land of the Fate:Hesperia” (vocals: Mancan)
scene XV: "Sacrifice to the goddess Giunone and the help of the arcadians"
Aeneas prays the nimphs and the (river) Tevere, summoning the protection of “the Italic Spirit”
(backing vocals: Lord Inferos/Flagellum)
he makes a sacrifice to Giunone (the goddess) in the land promised by the gods!
Go!!!!Aeneas! along the holy river (Tevere) to search the help of the arcadian people
Evandro is their king, and welcomes you in the woods,
going to war for the Italic Spirit” (backing vocal: Abibial)
guitar solo: Hesperus
scene XVI: "Hesperia, the land of the arborian people, of Saturnus and of the Golden age":
Places inhabited by satyrs, nimphs and treesmen, a long time ago,
they lived here rough and uncivilized, untill Saturnus came giving them laws and rites;
this was the beginning, this was the Golden Age
scene XVII: "Aeneas' divine weapons"
Rumble on, clouds in the sky, it is the omen of the Gods
Venus, goddess mother of yours, prays for you the God of Fire
divine weapons, weapons for Aeneas, made by the God of METAL
Here is Italic Spirit!Here goes Italic Spirit!
Here is Italic Spirit!Here goes Italic Spirit!
Warriors marching on, Heroes going on
Aeneas the Trojan leads them
they pray, they march, the Gods march with them!
Here is Italic Spirit!Here goes Italic Spirit!
Here is Italic Spirit!Here goes Italic Spirit!
scene XVIII: "Venus' Dream, the carved weapons with the future of ROMA"
and the night comes down, and a dream awaits
Your mother Venus, shows to you the weapons of the Gods
a sword, an armour,an helm, a spade
a carved shield, with the future glories of ROMA, ROMA, ROMA...
a female WOLF, the twins, a war with the sabinians
chariots rip down a traitor, and the victory of king Tullus...
the Triumph of Augustus through wars and victories...
a carved shield with the future glories of ROMA...
it is the carved shield through wars and victories the Triumph of Augustus, with the future glories of ROMA, ROMA, ROMA...

Hesperus plays:
Guitars electric & acoustic
Bass & bass effects
Every voices, singing, screaming, narration, characters
Synth & synth guitars
Movie peplum effects
Ancient Roman acoustic instruments: pan flute(syrinx), tibia, crotali, sistrum, cimbali
Drums (with the assistance of the drummer Saturnus)

Guests on this song:
Namter (NAMTER)
Lord Inferos & Flagellum (LEGION of DARKNESS)
Fervs (MORKAL)

The location of the video trailer is Ancient Roman Amphitheater and Ruins of the old ancient town of URBS SALVIA (Urbisaglia, MC, ITALY)
Filming Location "under courtesy of":
"Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali-Direzione regionale per i Beni Culturali e Paesaggistici delle MARCHE-Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici delle MARCHE"

Video shots taken by Forart/Forward Agency http://www.forart.it

Spiritvs Italicvs by HESPERIA®
(p)+(c) Sleaszy Rider Records 2013
All rights reserved

Official HESPERIA website:


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