Wrought (Rot)

Inverted Serenity

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Inverted Serenity - Wrought (Rot)

Wrought is a full speed track joining the noticeable aspects of tech-death, thrash, and black metal into a catchy and emotional fusion of music. The odd time signatures among certain parts of the song are able to remain at a patterning that does not sway away from an enjoyable flow. The chorus involves a chant back and forth between the screams of Tomas and Marco that is certainly one of our most impressive and brutal chorus structured vocal phrasings. The ending of the song drifts into a guitar interlude written and performed by Marco. The idea in the lyrics of this song is that the process of creation is also a direct means of destruction. Wrought is to self-create, as (rot) is to self-decimate. As we enter life in the physical world, we grow and create with one another and it can be a viciously difficult experience. Through the evolution of seeing the larger cycles and patterns in life, returning to the stillness of the omnipresent universal mind (death) from which we came (birth) is accepted as an inescapable truth.



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