Creeper (Fletch Mix)


Lights off


Nomessiah creepin' you online! The Gov is watching you right now. 

This video is about CREEPER

Remix video done by Brandon William Fletcher at Faked Potatoes (


I've been looking, through your window
Stalking with mine wounded soul
I've been creeping you online
I do it all night, waste my time
Can't stop myself to click and click
I'd like to get a closer look
Found your address on the web
I'll see you soon, now get out of my head!

Yeah they call me the Creeper
Yeah the call me the Creep
And things are getting deeper
When you're falling asleep

Now I'm lurking in your bushes
Want to fulfill all my wishes
Slowly catching up to you
Sweetly whispering, what I'd like to do
To you while you are sleeping
Breathing quietly, stealthily creeping
Night was made for just this reason
Suffering, lumbering, trying not to wake you up!


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  1. KYFarmer
    5 years, 1 month ago

    love it you guys rock
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