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I started over 10 years ago with a file directory of RealPlayer and Windows Media files. Since then I have gone through various changes and even used Brightcove for 2 years. With the demise of Brightcove for publishers (unless you pay $1,000 a month) I have moved to the current design.

If there are videos you want to add to the website then use the "Suggest Video" link at the top of the page. Bands and promotional companies are encouraged to use this function to add videos.

The website is being constantly updated and improved. New videos are added almost daily.

Add videos to your favorites list and you can watch them all in the order they were added.

It's all about Metal and not having to wade through videos of guys who suck at playing their guitars to songs. I only accept "Official" videos and try to keep the quality of videos high.

If you have suggestions or comments feel free to email me using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.

When you are done watching videos please click on one of the ads to leave the site. It helps offset the cost of the hosting and bandwidth of the site. Support Metal :)

Thank you for checking out the site and STAY HEAVY!

Iron Mike

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