• Walk In The Shadows (Live)
    Queensryche Walk In The Shadows ...
  • Speak
    Queensryche Speak
  • Silent Lucidity
    Queensryche Silent Lucidity
  • Suite Sister Mary (Live)
    Queensryche Suite Sister Mary (L...
  • Speak (Live)
    Queensryche Speak (Live)
  • Hellfire
    Queensryche Hellfire
  • Revolution Calling
    Queensryche Revolution Calling
  • Operation: Mindcrime
    Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime
  • Bridge
    Queensryche Bridge
  • The Lady Wore Black (Live)
    Queensryche The Lady Wore Black ...
  • The Prophecy
    Queensryche The Prophecy
  • Fallout
    Queensryche Fallout
  • The Thin Line
    Queensryche The Thin Line
  • I Am I
    Queensryche I Am I
  • Take Hold Of The Flame (Live)
    Queensryche Take Hold Of The Fla...
  • Bulletproof
    Queensryche Bulletproof
  • Anybody Listening?
    Queensryche Anybody Listening?
  • I Don't Believe In Love
    Queensryche I Don't Believe In Love
  • Spreading The Disease
    Queensryche Spreading The Disease
  • Jet City Woman
    Queensryche Jet City Woman
  • Nightrider
    Queensryche Nightrider
  • Warning
    Queensryche Warning
  • Resistance
    Queensryche Resistance
  • Re-Inventing the Future
    Operation: Mindcrime Re-Inventing the Future