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EP: Gold & Decay
Release: October 7, 2022
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Location: Quebec City, Quebec

Jordan Jolicoeur - Vocals
Sim Diamond - Lead Guitar
Alex Bussieres - Rythm Guitar
Seb Gagné - Drums
Yan Pelletier - Bass

Video & Edit by Paul Di Giacomo
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Chris Donaldson
Artwork by Meike Hakkaart
Song written by Sim Diamond
Bass performed in studio by Alex Rancourt

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Big Cartel:

℗ & © 2022 Upon Your Grave
All rights reserved.

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MY HOLLOW - The Iron Harvest (Official Music + Tour Video)
EP: MY HOLLOW - Fighting the Monsters (released April 8th, 2022)
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada 🇨🇦


Edited by Sean De Faria
Video credits to Greg Gallagher, Angelo Giammattolo, Graham Gaudreault, Matt Williams, Danio Pirrone, Tim Reaper, Goran Mamika, J-Rad Sterling, Andrew Angelic, Djereme Wilcocks

My Hollow is:
EP Recording and Live Band Line Up:
Graham Gaudreault – Vocals
Angelo Giammattolo – Drums
Greg Gallagher – Guitar
Danio Pirrone – Guitar
Sean De Faria – Bass
Matt Williams – Keyboards

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MY HOLLOW - The Iron Harvest (Official Music + Tour Video) Melodic Death Metal

Released in association with MY HOLLOW

#metal #melodeath #melodicdeathmetal

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Introducing Twisted mind's Debut song!

The oriental rock/metal group Twisted Mind was founded in 2017 by Dan Saliman, an Israeli musician with a Yemenite & Moroccan based heritage. Dan grew up in a home where oriental music was a Major part of his musical background
The four joining members helped molding the sound, bringing their own styles, influences and cultural heritage to Twisted Mind, thus creating a powerful combination of music that fuses the power and aggression of heavy metal, throughout the liberating energy of modern rock & roll.
And all this while using ethnical Middle Eastern music – emerging from their homeland and from the band members’ heritage and their own family ‘DNA’.

Twisted Mind Are:
Yanir Chmiel - Lead Vocals
Dan Saliman - Guitar
Assaf Tirosh - Bass Guitar
Lahav Zitayat - Guitar
Drums - David Darash
Twisted Mind on Facebook:

Twisted Mind on Instagram:

Twisted Mind's digital music:

Music Production & Mix - Omer Lempert
Mastering - Maor Appelbaum
Original Logo Design - Danielle negev
Single art and extra video edits - Oren Balbus
Design and art - Riki Maor

Management :
Avi Maor - Am Concept | Yaron Horing - Rad Star Management

Video production by Monster Filmmakers
Video Credits:
Written & Directed By Neta Lee
Filming, Editing & Color - Ami Bornstein
Camera Assistant - Daniel Pasikov
Production Assistant - Maayan Reznik
Actress - Rosiny Morales
Actor - Omer Lempert
Makeup - Neta Lee

Special Thanks To
Mihael Krivoruk & Timor Hmdan
Location & Lighting - Tzlil Haemek
No doubt she has a heart of stone.
No doubt she used me all along
With a pretty savage mind
She walked the street with all mankind.
No doubt.

Hell, she walked me through hell
And smoked my pain
She, she burnt the life she never found
She fell underground
No doubt

No doubt she rolled me like a stone
No doubt she played me all along
But she had a plan
To find and marry a wealthy man
No doubt.

Hell, she walked me through hell
And smoked my pain
She, she burnt the life she never found
She fell underground
No doubt

Hell, she walked me through hell
And smoked my pain
She, she burnt the life she never found
She fell underground
No doubt

Survive the day, survive the death
Wants to be on her new way
Beauty and the beast
Might be safe but not alone
She finds her way out
No doubt!

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Iron Kingdom - 'Sheathe The Sword' Official Lyric Video
Track #2 from the 2022 release 'The Blood Of Creation''

To Purchase the new album 'The Blood Of Creation' order online here:


Video Editing:
Jade Weekes Productions:

Video Footage:
-Jade Weekes
Nov 19th 2021 at The Rickshaw Theatre (Vancouver)

-Salma Shami: Video Footage
Nov 4th 2022 at The Wise Hall (Vancouver)

All Music And Lyrics written and recorded by IRON KINGDOM.

Copyright IRON KINGDOM (2022)
All Rights Reserved
Registered Under SOCAN

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Stream and download Cataclysm:

℗ 2022 Wall of Sound Dark Mode Records

Maan Balila (of ana.n7n) - Illustrations and Animation
Nasser Hajiah - Additional Vocals
Mishal Ibrahim (of Wazin & Follow the Hunter) - Guest Solo
Jack Byrne - Mixing
Arran Dutt - Mastering
7MND - Composition, Recording, Mixing, and Production

Verge of Collapse:
I can tell
(we're scared)
The pieces as they fall
(around me)
You won't believe
(what I see)
(it's eating me)
The weight of the world
On my shoulders

I cannot bear this place
It's so wrong
This pain in my chest
been here for so long
Eating away
At my bones
Carving its name
On my soul

When it all began
There was beauty within
When it all collides
Will it wither and die?
I can see the end
But we all pretend
(I cannot bear this place)
Searching for a way out
This illogical drought
(This pain in my chest)
Can we fix our mistakes
Or will we all just take and take

I can tell we're scared
The pieces as they fall around me
You won't believe what I see
Inside, it's eating me

A Light, A Door:
I have a choice
To start over
This is my chance
To break free

Burdens aside
This wind carries me
Can it be real
Will it make a difference
Will it make a difference
Will it make a difference
Will it make a difference
Will it make a difference

Change my place
Break these chains
These mistakes
It's a new day

The life we find
The light around
This might be right
Was lost then found

Won't run away
Won't run away
Don't run away
Don't run away

Didn't know
The water's dark

Could it be
All the same
Is it me

Find my way back
I can't find my way back

Why am I
Holding on?
everything feels so wrong
and why do I feel alone?
I'm Holding on to nothing

Find my way back
I can't find my way back
(To nothing)

The ties we bind
The lies inside

Didn't make a difference,
Didn't make a difference.

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17 Crash Channel The Power of Kobra Kai In New Music Video "Strike First"
New Album "Stamina" Out Now!
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Italian rockers 17 Crash's fourth studio album "Stamina" is now available as of November 18th via Rockshots Records. For the album's release day, the band is channeling the power of the Kobra Kai (Karate Kid) for their new music video for the full-length's closing track "Strike First".
The band continues to explain the song:
"We took the inspiration for this song from the Karate Kid/Kobra Kai – movie/pictures, series. Therefore, it's necessary to be on guard, without, however, being defeatist or pessimistic. Be always prepared when things are going against you. Be brave and show no mercy to the ones with bad intentions towards you. Don’t let them smell your fear, let them smell the taste of your fist."

17 Crash's new record "Stamina" is a much more complex and profound piece of work written entirely during the endless lockdowns from the 2020 pandemic that the world experienced. Their passion for the 80’s glam / hard n’ heavy rock n' roll crossed with a particular duality between human struggle and the will to fight and resist against all the odds. It might seem that 17 Crash has come a long way, but rest assured they are just warming up for what’s to come.
Colliding their emotions, fears, and wishes, mixing up everything they got inside, and talking about their experiences and how they changed over these past testing years, 17 Crash explains their album in further detail.

"People should listen to this album very carefully, trying to catch the real spirit of it. Words have a very important message in this one, considering the times we are living in and what happened in 2020. The singles show what we are and what we want to say after these two terrible years. It's like a concept about this crazy modern era and all the effects it brought to us. This record, it’s a box with all the emotions and the feeling we had during the composing process. We are talking about being us at 100% and our fans know that we always speak just about the truth. On this album, we shared everything we wanted to. No secrets, just feelings." adds the band.
Recommended for fans of H.E.A.T, Crazy Lixx, Eclipse, Hardline, and Stryper

Music Video - My World -​
Music Video - Higher -​

Never bored of being hungry to see people dancing, and having fun, inclusion is one of the biggest aspects of 17 Crash, the fans are the gig. The band will be performing on show dates to support the record, which will be revealed at a later time.



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The sixth track "Change" off our upcoming album "The Network" coming December 2nd!

Engineering and Mixing by Ryan Shepard at Little Red Sounds in New Westminster, B.C.
Produced and Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
Video Filmed and Edited by Jade Weekes

Preorder here:

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Copyright Narcotic Wasteland LLC.
Music By Dallas Toler- Wade
Lyrics By Joe Howard
Mixed and Mastered by Erik Schultek at Level 3 Studios
Song performed by Narcotic Wasteland

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Support ASYLENCE :

ASYLENCE - Soulless (Official Music Video)
Album: ASYLENCE - Endanger US All (out now!)
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Location: Detroit, MI 🇺🇸


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Official Website:


ASYLENCE - Soulless (Official Music Video) Melodic Death Metal

Released in association with ASYLENCE

#metal #melodeath #melodicdeathmetal

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Second single off "Something Beyond", new album by Finnish metallers Leaflet

Album Pre-Order:

Check out this amazing "behind the scenes" video:


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Music Video for the Matt Miller track Abominable Sands from the album Monument of Velocity available through Bloodblast Distribution.

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Nihilist Death Cult - You Get What You Deserve

Official video Directed by Ron Sumners

this track is taken from the forthcoming debut album "Death To All Tyrants" by Nihilist Death Cult

NDC is:

Nick Sagias: Bass/Vocals
John Sagias: Drums
Ethan Bolduc: Guitar
Rick Kowalski: Guitar

All music & lyrics by NDC

Guest Solo on "You Get What You Deserve" by Ian Mumble (Overthrow)

Merch & CDs:

Nick Sagias - Bass & Vocals
John Sagias - Drums
Ethan Bolduc - Guitar

Produced and Mixed by Scott Middleton



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The fifth tale by Jedi Metal band Vis Mystica!

Mixed and Mastered by Chad Anderson

Artwork by Cody Bucher

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HIGHWAY QUEEN Shares Music Video "Get On Your Knees" Off New Album "Bitter Soul" Out Dec 2022.
BUY -​

Rockshots Records will be releasing Finnish rockers Highway Queen's debut full-length "Bitter Soul" this coming December. The album is a collection of rock and metal songs with beautiful melodies, and strong riffs with heavy drums and bass. Each song shows the listener the stylistic versatility of the band.
Today, the band presents their second single "Getting On Your Knees" accompanied by a music video. The track is classic heavy metal to tell a story about revenge against someone who has betrayed you badly.

Filmed & edited by Joonas Ylänne/AV-Ylänne
Directed by Virpi Kääriäinen & Joonas Ylänne
Actors: Tanja Tuomi & Janne Tuomi

Songs on Highway Queen's new album "Bitter Soul" are all about scenarios in one's life. The lyrics tell stories about gnawing the burden of shame, anger, and bitterness. They also talk about the burden that carries through generations. They are about people's weaknesses too. The stories are also about overcoming these challenges.

"From our first self-releases and singles with Inverse Records to this album, our sound is definitely going from a lighter to heavier direction. Every song has its own mood so feeling vary throughout the album. There are parts in the album with bluesy vibes to parts that have strong doom or even thrash vibes. It all blends together with a touch of 80's style. Every song on the record has its own mood." adds the band.

Highway Queen is a band that plays melodic hard rock with some metal influences. The band was founded at the end of 2019 by vocalist Virpi Kääriäinen, guitarist Teemu, Kääriäinen and drummer Henri Backman. All members have played in cover band projects in the past and decided it was time to start making their own creations.

In 2020, the band self-released four singles on digital platforms. Also in 2020, the band acquired bassist Petri Orava and they recorded more songs to be released. In 2021, the band signed with Finnish record label Inverse Records for releasing three singles and a music video. The songs had a great reception, and the band continued moving forward to start working on their first album. All Highway Queen songs are recorded with Aleksanteri Kuosa, so he was a natural choice to be the producer for the full-length. He has also worked with bands like Waltari and Before The Dawn.

​Highway Queen is recommended for fans of melodic hard rock, heavy rock, and NWOTHM.
"Bitter Soul" is due out on December 16th and available for pre-order at​
Music Video - Bitter Soul -​


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Dan “Rini” Craciun – Vocals
Robert Rusz – Vocals
Mihai Tivadar – Keyboards & Guitars
Cristian Balanean – Guitars
Dan Petean – Guitars
Pali Novelli – Bass
Vlad Toca – Drums
Cosmin Nechita – Violin

Alexa Joicaliuc – Backing Vocals
Miruna Puiu - Backing Vocals
Tea Visan - Backing Vocals
Roxana Pomohaci - Violin
Paula Gherasim - Violin
Razvan Nechita - Violin
Anca Cosmescu - Viola
Andrei Oltean - Flutes
Marin Moisei - Clarinet
Mihai Muntean - Cimbalom
Alex Otescu – Acoustic Guitars

Postproduction & editing : Cristian Balanean
Live video production: Sombrero & Co
Live director: Nathalie Guilbaud
Cameras: Ionut Sleam (crowd & fixed cameras) & Sombrero & Co (Elie Bertrand, Margot Cavret & Vincent Roudaud)
Lights: Mike Cloupet

Adrian “Bila” Uritescu: live mixing, studio mixing & mastering (LowBass5 Studio, Deva)
Mihai Tivadar: editing & postproduction
Live technicianss: Viorel Milos, Ciprian Pomohaci, Miika Miettinen


Dope-A-Min, Hot For Summer, Put It On, Nice Song & Palinca by Dirty Shirt & Mat “Boots” di Pilla; Ciocarlia & Latcho Drom - Traditional Songs; Geamparalele & Maramu’ by Dirty Shirt & Traditional Songs; Pretty Faces by Dirty Shirt, Mat di Pilla, Paul Ilea & Benji Webbe; Bad Apples by Dirty Shirt, Dinu Serbanescu, Leonard Ciocan, Gică Petrescu & Cezarina Moldovean; and Dirtylicious by Dirty Shirt & Leonard Ciocan.

Management: Promusic Events
Booking France: Sherep Booking & Promotion
PR France: Replica Promotion
PR Wordlwide: Asher Media Relations

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Taken from "Frostbites" EP Out Now!

Rockshots Records is proud to present the latest offering from Finnish symphonic
power metal band Everfrost and their new EP of anime cover songs
"Frostbites", which is now out as of November 11th. The EP features guests
Mikael Salo (Thy Row, Dyecrest), Rob Lundgren (Mentalist, Reveal), and Shiro Neko.
Produced by Benji Klint-Connelly, the four original songs on the EP, "Gotta Catch ‘Em
All"; were written by John Siegler and John Loeffler, "Flyers" by BRADIO, "Hacking to
the Gate" by Chiyomaru Shikura and "A Cruel Angel’s Thesis" by Hidetoshi Satō.
Today, for the EP's release day, Everfrost is sharing their last video in support of the
cover record for the final track "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" ft. Mikael Salo. The song is
from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and was originally composed and
performed by Hidetoshi Satō. with lyrics by Neko Oikawa, and arrangement by
Toshiyuki O'mori.

the band adds:
When we decided to do a covers EP of anime opening songs, this song was one of those choices that was staring us down because of how legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion is, along with its opening ‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’. The show deals with some very deep themes such as morality, individuality and responsibility, all delivered with an aura of depression largely due to the creators mental state at the time. The original performance of the song captures the series’s life affirming message, by enunciating the joyful and glorious side of the story.

Great care was taken to make timeless elements such as the salsa-like rhythmic feel and 90s keyboard sounds present themselves strongly along with the heavier and more powerful elements we introduced into the arrangement. Most of us are also familiar with the show, therefore its emotional weight definitely came through in our playing while recapturing the power of the original version. This will also be our former vocalist Mikael Salo’s last EVERFROST song. If this song wasn’t already challenging enough, the original track’s vocal is also on the hard end of the scale. Mikael did a fantastic job on this, marking a very fitting song to go out on.

In the end, this was the most challenging song of the EP! Curiously enough, Evangelion is fittingly a challenging series to decipher, but easy for many people to relate to. We hope this translates to our cover of the song, we for sure feel it does!

Samuli Heiskanen - Lead Guitar
Joose Ylianttila - Rhythm Guitar
Benji Klint-Connelly - Keyboards
Roi Partanen - Bass
Jope 'James' Salminen - Drums

From the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion
Composed by Hidetoshi Satō
Lyrics by Neko Oikawa
Arranged by Toshiyuki O'mori
Originally performed by Hidetoshi Satō

Arranged by Benji Klint-Connelly and EVERFROST
Mixed by Benji Klint-Conelly
Mastered by David Gnozzi

Video studio footage by Roi Partanen
Video edit by Benji Klint-Connelly
Text, effects and animation by Ayeyusif

Produced by Duskswitch 2022

#metal #evangelion


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#MelodicThrashMetal #ThrashMetal #AggressivePowerMetal #CanadianMetal #HeavyMetal

Video for the track "A Time of War". DOWNFALL - Out October 28, 2022 on Moribund Records:

CD: ​

Follow Triskelyon online:

#Triskelyon #MelodicThrashMetal #ThrashMetal #heavymetal #PowerThrashMetal #CanadianMetal

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Black Hole's new album "Whirlwind of Mad Men" is now out as of November 11th via Rockshots Records. The full-length presents anthemic guitar riffs, powerful rhythms, frenzied solos, and enlightening vocals, to give fans a power metal quintet that's progressive, symphonic, and strongly influenced by masters of the genre such as Stratovarius, Kamelot, Powerwolf, Nightwish, and Iron Maiden.


For the album's release day, Black Hole is sharing their latest music video for their single "Never Surrender", a track that offers up a Celtic atmosphere that is inspired by the character of “Braveheart” William Wallace who fought to save his land.

“It is a message to all those who have fought, are fighting, and will fight for their country and their freedom.” adds the band.

​Black Hole's sophomore full-length "Whirlwind of Mad Men" navigates between heavy and power metal with melodies carried between the vocals and guitar solos along with being supported by solid rhythmic parts and great orchestral pieces which give intensity to the compositions. The diversity of all the songs allows listeners to travel through various atmospheres and contexts. The album's goal is to give feelings of power while mastering strong emotional moments.
The new album also features new member Christophe (keyboards/orchestrations), adding more epic and orchestrated tracks. A collaboration that promises to be more interesting than their previous record "Lost World". Mixing and mastering were helmed by Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween, Masterplan) who also added a guitar solo on the album's cover track of Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark".

"We are very happy to be releasing this powerful symphonic metal album. We have worked hard to deliver a high-quality product. The lyrics, the moods, the symphonic arrangements, and the performances of each individual give a special resonance to this record. The overall sound and the sound of each instrument has been an essential point throughout the genesis and we are proud of the finished product. The visual side is not to be outdone. The high-quality artwork represents well the universe of the themes and the general atmosphere of the album. We hope that fans will take as much pleasure to listen to it as we did to conceive it." adds the band.

Recommended for fans of Stratovarius, Kamelot, Powerwolf, Nightwish, and Myrath, BLACKHOLE's "Whirlwind of Mad Men" is available for order at​


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Video Premiere for Scattered Storm Third Single Titled 'Seen" from In This Dying Sun
VIdeo edited and directed by Jay Arriaga and Emmanuel Hernandez

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Féleths third single for the upcoming album Divine Blight.

Mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson

Lyric video by Liam Knott

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