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The official video for Alda, a single of the upcoming album from Drungi
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Directed by M.Loki, Director of Photography Svavar Burgundy, Assistant director Olga Maggý Winther

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DECROWNED's New Album "Persona Non Grata" + Music Video "Rainworld"

For the full-length's release day, the band is sharing their next music video for the track "Rainworld", a track that almost ended up on the cutting room floor, the band explains:

"Rainworld was almost going to be dropped from the album. It is one of the oldest songs and Jaakko didn’t like it so much in the beginning and it is a song that he composed. Luckily we talked Jaakko over and now the song has risen as one of our favorites and strongest songs from the album. Lyricically it paints up a rainy and gray landscape of a depressed mind. Seasons go too slowly for this individual. He wants them to pass faster so that eternal sleep and rest would finally take place."

Rockshots Records is proud to present melancholic Finnish metallers Decrowned's first full-length "Persona Non Grata", now available as of February 23rd. For this record, every member brought something to the table, but guitarists Jaakko Kauppinen (guitars) and Simo Puustinen composed most of the songs. Musically, the band takes a turn into heavier waters from its predecessors (EPs "Hansel's Nightmare" (2019) and debut "Weight of The Dark Sky" (2018)), still keeping in mind the essence of Decrowned. Lyrically "Persona Non Grata" is a very dark album, reflecting things that pass through the generations, consuming us from inside. It is a description of a haunted future and the past that took wrong turns on personal and universal levels. This undefined black matter that flows ignoring time and reason is the unwanted entity... Persona non grata.

"We are so excited that our debut album “Persona non grata” will finally be released. Recordings started already in 2022 and the first intention was that album, but there were some roadstops here and there. We had to record bass tracks twice and also our mixing wizard Tero “TeeCee” Kinnunen had timetable changes because of his big contribution to Nightwish. This is also time to say huge thanks to Tero, for arranging time for us on his busy schedule and doing remarkable work for us."

Recommended for fans of Amorphis, Insomnium, In Flames, and Katatonia, "Persona Non Grata" is available for at​

Listen -

Special thanks to Joensuu City Theater, Sandra Kinnarinen, Asko Heiskanen, Juha Kerkkonen and Harri Säynevirta

Video is directed, edited and filmed by Harri Säynevirta (

Staging at Joensuu City Theater (
Lights: Asko Heiskanen
Staging: Sandra Kinnarinen and Juha Kerkkonen

Dancer: Mira Merisaari


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Official music video for ADON - Axiom from their Black / Death / Thrash Metal self-titled album out April 12th. Support ADON here :

Album: ADON - Adon
Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal / Thrash Metal
For fans of: Enslaved, Marduk, Hate, Havukruunu, Oranssi Pazuzu
Location: California based - International project

Insta: @adon_metal

Produced by:

Directed by:
Æthelwulf II of ADON

Director of Photography:
Ethan David Sanchez

Ethan David Sanchez
Æthelwulf II

Production design:
Aethelwulf II

Zach Zombek, Convolv

Justin Sakogawa (Warscythe)
Ember Belladonna (Flautist)

Black/Death/Thrash based out of California, with international assistance.
An exploration into dark fantasy; a true story of repeating history.

"Adon" track-listing:
1. Ascension
2. Æther
3. Adon
4. Azimuth
5. Axiom
6. Æon

ADON line-up:
Æthelwulf II - vocals/production
Nath - guitars, bass
James Stewart - drums

The air of silence,
Indescribable guise.

The sound of nothing,

The new instrument of impending doom

Torrential force of consumption,
Gathers all
Creating one

Eye of cosmos
Inner sanctum
Depth of darkness
Scythe of the black cleaving light at the seam
Mouth of empty, full of souls

The screams of untold billions verberate


Conglomerative rivers flow to
Create a wealth of new forms

Injection of truth
Into mind

Arkane synergy,
An axis unparalleled
The mind's eye subverted,
Led into annihilation

As the light escapes

As the light escapes

The unseen Axiom, divine.
Unfathomed phantom of the mind

Beorhtra ond blacra
Hwitra ond sweartra
Dark and Light
Swa him is ham sceapen ungelice,
Englum ond deoflum.

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ADON - Axiom (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Black Metal / Death Metal / Thrash Metal

Released in association with ADON

#metal #deathmetalpromotion #blackmetal

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The feel-good hit of the summer, filmed by Ryan Bellaire.

Produced by Ivy Gardens.
Mastered by Audrey Leyenhorst.

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'Dandelion' is the second single leading up to FROGG's first full length album.

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Guitars & Vocals: Sky Moon Clark
Drums: Will Brown
Modular Synths & Bass: Jack Lynch

Mixed & Mastered by Jamie King
Artwork done by Britt Tapsall
Lyric Video by Randall Hammer

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Death Metal music video for BACKSTABBER - Harvesting The Weak from the new EP out March 15th! Support BACKSTABBER here :

Rouyn Noranda, QC
Death Metal


'Harvesting The Weak' off Backstabber's new EP out March 15th.

"We chose Harvesting the Weak as the main single because it is the most brutal pattern; Intimidation. It hits you right in the face while teabagging your knocked-out sack of bones in front of your friends. We're talking Death metal from old-school riffs to slamming brutal death." - Backstabber

Music and lyrics by Backstabber
Recorded by Christian M. Theriault
Mixed and Mastered by Christian Donaldson
Video crew from Productions 3Tiers Actors : Marc Provencher & Roger St-Arneault Directed by Roxanne St-Arneault & Alain Bergeron
Edited by Roxanne St-Arneault & Alain Bergeron
Photography directors: J-F Perron & Vincent L'Heureux

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BACKSTABBER - Harvesting The Weak (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Death Metal

Released in association with BACKSTABBER

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Suffer in Silence from our debut album "A Thing of Nightmares".

Track Credits
Nick DeFuria - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Zack Larmer - Lead Guitars
Vin "Hawky" Verducci - Bass
Brain Weissman - Drums

Graphics by Evan DiPietro
Video and Editing by Maran Media
Live footage from the PhthaloPhest at the Stone Circle Theater in Queens, New York on November 18, 2023

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The first single off the unreleased album from dead metal enthusiasts, Blood Opera. Featuring keyboards by Maurizio Guarini of Italian horror soundtrack legends, Goblin.

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This song represents the relationship between an artist who wants nothing more than to have the freedom and the ability to express and share and grow but is trapped by the demands of survival in an oversaturated society incapable of supporting the true diversity of each individual. We just want nothing more than to make our art and share the experience with as many people as we can. Most of us are struggling out there in some way, and a lot of us are on the verge of giving up on everything because we don't have the life we dream of, constantly reminded everywhere we go by someone who is succeeding while we struggle to survive. So whether you're an artist, a mechanic, a doctor, or just a single mother or father with barely enough time for their family, let alone themselves, everyone deals with darkness in their life at some point. This song is a reminder that no matter what may get in the way, never lose focus on what makes you yourself, and never give up on what gives you joy.

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I wish I could focus on my body of work, there’s just too much pressure to be what it’s worth.
I know we can consent to my body at work and make it all cohesive.
I’m not just here for the sex, I’m addicted to it all. I’ll still feel alive transiting the stars if my eyes close before yours…
Paying for progress with insatiable debt and left with no time. Place my horrors in your crucible and burn them all tonight. All of you watching from your windows; what I’m becoming. I’m afraid I can’t stop it ‘cause I’m left with no time.
Every day I start with malice in my heart. Take me away, halt my decay.
Every day I start with malice in my heart.
Take it away.
Each and every day I just want to focus on my body of work.
There’s just too much pressure to be what it’s worth. I just want to focus on this body at work and make a life worth living today.

Music written and recoded by Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry.
Video performance by Grant MacKenzie, Kenny Parry, John-Ryan Godfrey, Nathaniel Reynolds-Welsh
Video filmed by Jake Smith and Marlin Devilliers of Studio 204
Video edited and colour graded by Grant MacKenzie
Song recorded and mixed at Shadow Studio Canada by Zane Hawley
Song Mastered at JCM Mastering Toronto by João Carvalho

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VIOLET ETERNAL Debut Track "The Echoes of Time" First Full-Length "Reload The Violet" Out May 2024 via Rockshots Records.

VIOLET ETERNAL was born out of the desire of two musicians from Italy and Japan to work with each other in creating a new melodic metal band, blending power, and oriental choruses with fast-paced rhythms and interpersonal lyrics, with the ambiance of shredding guitar solos.

Band co-founder and guitarist Jien Takahashi comments:
"I wanted to create the ultimate melodic power metal duo after MAJUSTICE and other activities, I was hungry for new music. There were a lot of songs at the end of the previous activity, so I was looking for a way to shape it. In such a situation, I met Ivan Giannini online. I originally knew Ivan from his legendary work with VISION DIVINE and the album "Angel of Revenge" and his other band Derdian. I was completely fascinated by his emotional voice that seemed to burn the skies. So I was wishing I could do something with him. When I got in touch with Ivan, we immediately hit it off and we decided to make an album together."

After connecting with vocalist Ivan Giannini, Jien made a call to a mutual friend Ollie Bernstein (Illusion Force, Magic Opera) who he had a feeling would be interested in joining the duo in creating an album together plus he was also playing bass in Derdian, which Ivan was a member of too.

Not too soon after, more pieces to the project came together when the trio recruited Andrea Cappellari (Nekomata and former guitarist for Skeletoon).

With all the members collected, and music being written, the band was ready to hit the studio and decided to team up with producer Dennis Ward (Angra, Helloween) for their first full-length album "Reload The Violet", which will be released on Rockshots Records this coming May 2024. The album also features guests Takao (MinstreliX), Gabriel Guardian (IMMORTAL GUARDIAN), keyboardist YUHKI, drummer Ryuya Inoue, and Timo Tolkki (ex-STRATOVARIUS).

"From the time of production, Ivan and I were convinced that this album would be a game changer. I think it's a work that people who love melodic metal will enjoy. If you listen to the music of VIOLET ETERNAL when you feel down, you will surely feel cheerful with hot feeling. Our music will give you the courage. This album strikes hard with both powerful vocals and a perfect mix of oriental melodic metal and emotional vocals." says Jien Takahashi.

To introduce Violet Eternal to the world, today the band unveils their debut track "The Echoes of Time", a grand opus-style power metal anthem.
"If you're familiar with my other band MAJUSTICE and the album title track 'Ancestral Recall', 'The Echoes of Time' is a continuation of that song. It's a story about reuniting with someone broke up with in the past, but making mistakes again and again." adds Jien Takahashi.





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Rockshots Records is proud to unleash France's STONE HORNS third studio album "Chimaira", now available as of January 26th.

The full-length features seven groove-laden hell-bent tracks, that tell the story of an odyssey of being rejected by all and thirsting for revenge. It explores life's thirst for recognition, whatever its form. Through its various acts, the story continues in different states, colors, and landscapes. A raw, merciless finality that leaves little room for breath in this torment of violence. We're all chasing a chimera, but isn't it the chimera that's chasing us? That's the question this album tries to answer, combining freshness and warmth, violence and peace, waves, and digressions.

With their headbanging groove, this third studio offering "Chimaira" is a culmination of all the band's experiments to date. This is the band's most accomplished album to date, both in terms of composition and production. The band's long-time fans will be satisfied, but they also hope to bring in new fans with this record, with a slightly more modern production. Each track has its own universe on this full length, but it's also part of a whole, because like their previous albums, "Chimaira" is a concept album.

"There's something for every metal taste and color. The aim of this album is for fans of every sub-genre of metal to be able to say to themselves at some point when listening to it: "I really like that beat". "Chimaira" is a bit like the child of "The Beast Inside" (2018) and "Rise of Apophis" (2021)". says the band.

For the album's release day, Stone Horns is sharing their new music video for the track "In the Clutches of the Abyss", a raging song inspired by Slipknot and Machine Head and treated to a guitar solo reminiscent of diabolical melodies. The final chorus might remind some fans of a bit of a Gojira sound.

Digital -

Recommended listening for fans of Machine Head, Devildriver, Slipknot, Lamb of God, and Jinjer, Stone Horns' third full-length is available from Rockshots Records on CD at and digitally at


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"The Distance" off KELEVRA's new album "Oneiric" out on March 8, 2024. Support KELEVRA here :

Album: KELEVRA - Oneiric (out March 8, 2024!)
Genre: Progressive Metal
Location: Regina, SK 🇨🇦

Apple Music:

"More than anything we are excited to hear how Oneiric will be received. Every track on the album contributes to a very unique product overall that is hard to categorize within a specific metal subgenre. Current fans of the band will be greeted with a familiar taste of past material while experiencing a stronger, mature sound. With this album, which was both deliberate and coincidental in the writing process, we will be providing listeners with an experience that leaves them on the edge of their seats. Each song is crafted to take the listener on a progressive metal journey from beginning to end. Despite each song being very unique from the rest, together the tracklist presents itself as a cohesive and complete package." - Kelevra

About The track:
“The Distance” is a story of hateful endings and love lost. But despite the distance they try to keep, they are still drawn to each other in an endless cycle. Only having one way out.

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KELEVRA - The Distance (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Progressive Metal

Released in association with KELEVRA

#metal #progressivemetal #deathmetalpromotion

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METRO SOCIETY is a progressive metal project group from the mind of guitarist/songwriter Chris Mangold. Mangold teamed up with bassist Ian Ringler (Magnitude 9 / Pysco Drama) to collaborate on writing the music for a new project. The second album concept started to take form between Ian Ringler and Chris Mangold in 2019. Continuing with the concept album approach, the story origin would be based in London, 1898 set ten years after Jack the Ripper murders. It follows a young Detective investigating the suspicious death of his former mentor, the now retired Metropolitan Police Commissioner. The second album, “The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” will be released in early 2024. The line-up consists once again of guitarist/keys Chris Mangold, bassist Ian Ringler, and drummer Will Mangold. The band then enlisted the vocal talents of session vocalist George Margaritopoulos (Wardrum) to complete the roster for the London album.

The final recording, production, and mixing was a joint effort between the band and Rob Murray and Kyle from Wilderfox Studio. It is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and Threshold.

The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898 is due out on March 1, 2024, and available for preorder on Bandcamp:

Follow us on

Metro Society is:
Chris Mangold - Guitars/Keys
Ian Ringler - Bass Guitar / 12 String Bass
Will Mangold - Drums
George Margaritopoulos - Vocals

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From the 2024 album “Cages”.
Preorder vinyl:
USA- The Ghost Is Clear Records

CANADA- Ancient Temple Recordings

preorder cassette tape:
No List Records

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"Dead Weight" by Canadian East Coast Thrashers Novichok from the 2022 Album "Geo-Desiccant"


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The official music video for the dead and the soon to be! produced by Derek Kovacevic.

Some live life to the fullest, while some live life just to die. The clocks always ticking. How wisely do most use that finite time? Is it fulfilling? Did you do something meaningful? The walking dead roam the earth. Wasting your time means you might as well be dead already.
We are very proud to present the official video for “The Dead and The Soon To Be”, from our 2023 sophomore album “From The Ashes”. Ever since its conception, this has been one of our favourite tracks and a live staple for us. We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to capture the essence of this track with an official video, with help from our good friend Derek Kovacevic. Derek is a wicked videographer and lent his talents to lead with filming and editing this video for us. We are objectively a more serious type of band based on our subject matter and the energy of our music, but we decided to turn the tables with a comedic and light hearted video representation. The song itself is about life being short and unfortunate, and most people throwing it away before it’s too late. However, we took the optimistic approach with this video to look at the other side of the lens, where we should still enjoy all the little things because life is short and unfair. Hence us running around in hospital gowns being as silly as possible. This video was created in Kamloops, as a last minute decision during our cross Canada tour in September. And as you could imagine, we had a lot of interesting looks and reactions, being 5 grown men running around town in hospital gowns. We even had the RCMP called on us a few times, which we sadly didn’t get to include in the video. But either way, we couldn’t be happier with the process and how this video turned out, and we are excited to show everyone a different side of us.

Some live life to the fullest, while some live life just to die. The clocks always ticking. How wisely do most use that finite time? Is it fulfilling? Did you do something meaningful? The walking dead roam the earth. Wasting your time means you might as well be dead already.

Enter the void of a broken world
From the birth of life and the birth of death
Exist, just to suffer and suffer to gain
Your shallow shell in this mortal game

This mortal game

The clock’s a bomb, ticking each year
We follow orders, consumed by fear
Sheep that barely scrape by to waste time
Dying to wake up, wake up to die

Enjoy the bitter taste
Of a short and unfair life
Only broken eyes can see
The dead and the soon to be

You’ve already passed and you don’t know it yet
If you live for no reason than you’re already dead
Then when your time comes, you’ll remain the same
You only wake up when you claw at your own grave

Mortal grave

Enjoy the bitter taste
Of a short and unfair life
Only broken eyes can see
The dead and the soon to be

Rinse and repeat, a mindless cycle
The day-to-day life of withering away
Nothing to achieve, the dream is hopeless
Open up your eyes just to close them one day

Enjoy the bitter taste
Of a short and unfair life
Only broken eyes can see
The dead and the soon to be

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"Brave The Tempest" is taken from the Strigampire's album "All To Dominate"
produced by Christian Donaldson & Strigampire.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson at CD Studio.


Video production by Pascal Germain

Steve DC- Vocals
Johnny Dead- Guitar
Willy Thousand- Guitar
BadGuy P.- Bass
James Foster- Drums

Follow Strigampire:

If the wind whistles loud enough
For you to hear it
Listen to what it has to say
It's been too long you’ve been there
Constantly beat the air
It is now time to act in another way

It whistles for a reason
Give it your attention

You can't always flee
If the gusts knock on your door, open it
Messy it's gonna be
But a wind of change is needed

A storms’ rising eye
The worm you are must die
Brave the tempest
Behave like a man
Bold and fearless

Stop complaining in your comfort zone
It’s time for you to leave your throne
Throw caution to the winds

Enter the turmoil, defy the hurricane
Don't let fear spoil your life into pain

A storms’ rising eye
The worm you are must die
Brave the tempest
Behave like a man
Bold and fearless

As long as it’s in you, there will be a riot
It will never be calm and quiet
Shed light on this part of your life
And change the way you act
It will be a start for ending this strife
And one day the sun will be back

#melodicdeathmetal #heavymetal #extreme #tempest

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