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Rockshots Records is proud to announce the release of "The Crucible" the debut album from HARPAZO, a super-group formed by guitarist Marc Centanni and producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery, Ayreon).

Set for release on June 28th in EUROPE and July 5th in NORTH AMERICA, this progressive metal rock opera is a thrilling journey through a dystopian future, merging elements of progressive and power metal with symphonic and Celtic influences. "The Crucible" is a concept album that explores a world in turmoil where technology and prophecy collide. The story unfolds across various epic tracks, weaving a tale of revolution, assassins and a charismatic leader with a dark agenda. The narrative primarily takes place in Rome, Jerusalem, New York, and Washington DC offering a rich backdrop for the complex and intense musical arrangements.

Few weeks ago it has been announced the release of the first single from the album and finally "I Am God" is set to be released today May 15th. 

This track encapsulates the essence of Harpazo, presenting a dynamic, messianic, and powerful metal anthem filled with intense energy and compelling melodic sections. It takes listeners on a cinematic and haunting journey through a dystopian world, perfectly reflecting our metal opera vision. The bridge hooks you with its irresistible catchiness, smoothly transitioning into a robust and infectious chorus.

The addition of chilling violins and Gary Wehrkamp's operatic vocals effectively enhances the gothic and dystopian atmosphere the band aimed to create. Niklas Kahl (Lord of the Lost) delivers outstanding, punishing drumming utilizing double bass pedals to great effect. The guitars drive the song with brutal precision keeping listeners on the edge of their seats throughout.

"Jude Solomon," a multi-trillionaire tech-savior, is introduced in this track, along with his ambitious plans to revolutionize the world by dismantling traditional values and ushering in a new era. The song paints a vivid picture of a future where AI and technology offer near-immortality.

This track serves as the pulsating heart of the album and provides an excellent introduction to Harpazo. 

HARPAZO's unique sound is driven by its all-star lineup, featuring legendary musicians from the progressive and Christian metal scenes. Alongside Marc Centanni and Gary Wehrkamp, the album includes performances by: DC Cooper (Royal Hunt) Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord) Les Carlsen (Bloodgood) Rey Parra (Deny the Fallen, Sacred Warrior) Christian Liljegren (Narnia) Michael Drive Lee (Barren Cross, Worldview) Niklas Kahl (Lord of the Lost, Flaming Row) Lee Lemperle (Outside the Wall) Bruno Sa (Operation Mindcrime) Enzo Donnarumma (Enzo and the Glory Ensemble) Jennifer Eckhart (Jennifer K Eckhart & Stained Glass Road).

With intricate compositions and thought-provoking lyrics, "The Crucible" invites listeners into a complex world of intrigue and suspense. The album promises a deeply immersive experience that rewards close listening, revealing subtle details and atmospheric layers with each spin.


Europe -
North America -

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"A Wolf in Shepherd's Clothing" is the lead single from new album "Capricorn Rising" by Vancouver extreme metal band Thirteen Goats, out July 12th on Exitus Stratagem Records (EXSR).


Music by Rob Fitz-Gerald
Lyrics by Graham K. Miles

Performed by Thirteen Goats:
Graham K. Miles: Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Rob Fitz-Gerald: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Cody Lewichew: Bass, Backing Vocals
Leonid Verman: Drums

Direction/Motion Graphics Animator: Irvan Dionisi

Bandcamp Merch:

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Inspired by worlds like Lord of the Rings' Middle-Earth, The Forgotten Realms, The Witcher, and Warhammer, this is a tale of Woodland Elves defending their home against an invasive force of humans. All hail the "Sons of the Verdant"! Song available on all streaming platforms.

Pre-Save the entire "Creation's Call" EP Here, out August 23:

Special Shoutout to @rustysunaudio9323 for being an amazing producer/mixing engineer.

For Fans Of: Blind Guardian, Sabaton, Hammerfall, and Wind Rose

They Spread now like a dark disease
On their hands only blood
On their lips only peace

They used to leave us well alone
Until they fell apart
Until some war for some throne

Our volley falls on them like rain
And when they try to run
Fire from whence they came

Their swords had barely left their sheathe
We only left one alive
He tells the story they seethe

Gazing out from the trees breath bated
Hidden for several days we’ve waited
Arrows drawn enemy in sight
Outnumbered but they won’t put up a fight
For the way of the Woodland Clan
Beware the tainted gifts of man!

The Oak of Ages shall recall
The elves that stand, and the foes that fall

Gazing out from the trees breath bated
Hidden for several days we’ve waited
Arrows drawn enemy in sight
Outnumbered but they won’t put up a fight
For the way of the Woodland Clan
Beware the tainted gifts of man!

Gazing out from the trees breath bated
Hidden for several days we’ve waited
Arrows drawn enemy in sight
Outnumbered but they won’t put up a fight
For the way of the Woodland Clan
Beware the tainted gifts of man!

The unending wave
Sons of the Verdant
Be cunning and brave
Sons of the Verdant
My cradle my grave
Sons of the Verdant
Sons of the Verdant
Sons of the Verdant Glade!

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Farhad S. Hossain: Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Jose Mora: Bass
Tyler Kim: Guitars
Marco Minnemann: Drums

Produced by Farhad S. Hossain
Recorded at Zinkferd Studio

Mixed/Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio (

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Lyric video for our new Single, "Changer of Ways". Video was done by Bifrost Media. Art was done by Icer Rose.

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0:00 Suffocating Flesh
4:25 I Am a Demon
8:17 Cathartic Cruelty
12:14 Wretched
15:11 Vesseles Rituale
19:25 Dysphoria

Filmed and edited: Watkins Media
Corpse paint: Seyton and Jade Forsythe
Victim: Isobel Beaman

Valira Pietrangelo - Guitar, Piano, Lyrics, Composition
Adam Rupp - Vocals
Nick Loiacono - Drum Programming

Mixed and mastered: Nick Loiacono at Fang Studios


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Directed by Justin West
Editor: Justin West
Talent: Morgan McHugh, Jim Graham

'Chasm Darkly' lyrics
Copy disconnect of moments future past. Looming former station shifts to resort last. Seasons to overcome. Enduring harmony. Impending echoes to no excuse. Abbreviating wits end. Weary sifts through what could’ve been. For repeat to haunt me. As the grey colors toward a darker shade, my signal obfuscates to fade away. Along the chasm of austerity, each lethargic sequence recreates in the name of temporary. Encapsulate my mental faculties with what pains me for another day. I’m too busy overwhelming my sense of urgency to show I care. I’ll just rest my eyes. I’ve held this dark for the better part of what made me worse. Wavering static keep me warm.

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Get' Em Counted
Starring Clash Kincade

Thunderor is:
JJ Tartaglia: Vocals/Drums/Keys
Jonny Nesta: Guitars
Brycen Gunn: Bass

Boonsdale Records Productions
Director/DOP: Rae Chatten
Editor: JJ Tartaglia

Special thanks to CWO Wrestling, Andrew Love, and The Rockpile.

You've got to get ‘em counted
Say 1, 2, 3
No, don't ever let ‘em go
Hurry up and go
You've got to get ‘em counted
Say 1, 2, 3
No, don't ever let ‘em go
Hurry up and go

I believe
In the strength, and will to survive
Now I know, now you know
It’s a time, too good you can’t deny

So go!
You've got to get ‘em counted
Say 1, 2, 3
No, don't ever let ‘em go
Hurry up and go

We believe
In the art, and way of the road
It’s the path, that we chose
We’re the blood, the sweat and the tears

We go on, in the night
We show up, that’s what keeps us fighting
We hold on, for the fight
It’s the life, that we’ll keep on living

Hear the sounds, they will fade, with the lights, in a daze
But I, I grow strong, it’s the blood, that burns in my veins

So go!
You've got to get ‘em counted
Say 1, 2, 3
No, don't ever let ‘em go
Hurry up and go
You've got to get ‘em counted
Say 1, 2, 3

Oh! Oh! Oh!

2024 © Boonsdale Records

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THALIA sets forth on a sonic adventure with “The River Of Books” heralding the return of the French cult quartet with their latest offering—a new album infused with progressive hard rock vibes.

After two decades in the making, French cult quartet Thalia is set to captivate the world once again with their highly anticipated release “The River Of Books” slated for April 26, 2024. Following the success of their 2000 debut album “Forest of Minds,” Thalia’s latest opus it’s a culmination of two decades of musical maturity and evolution.

“The River Of Books” is a unique compendium of emotions and groove, seamlessly blending hard rock power with a progressive edge. Influences ranging from Rush, King’s X, Dream Theater, Living Colour, to The Police and Muse are skillfully digested, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and avant-garde.

Thalia’s lyrics delve into thought-provoking subjects such as ecology, human relationships, nostalgia, and the essence of life itself. Each track is a sonic journey, carefully crafted to evoke a myriad of emotions and resonate with listeners on a profound level.

The quartet, consisting of Emmanuelson on vocals (Rising Steel, Venus Syndrome, Ellipsis...), Thierry Bizet on guitars and backing vocals, Stephane Beraud on bass, and Christophe Denk on drums and backing vocals, brings together their unique personalities to create a musical world that is distinctly Thalia.

Renowned illustrator Stan W Decker, celebrated for his work with international artists and bands, contributes the captivating cover art, setting the visual tone for the musical adventure that awaits.

"The River Of Books" is due out on April 26th, 2024 on Rockshots Records and is available at the following links:

​CD -


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The video is a series of flashbacks for the point of view of two of the hunters. One is experiencing loss and betrayal; meanwhile being pursued by a savage otherworldly entity (which shows the layers of coping with one tragedy while fighting to simply exist). The other is the feeling of hopelessness that turns to hate and that hate consumes those around her. The music itself carries out like a metal movie soundtrack, with aggressive peaks and demented valleys, all culminating into the grand apex of the final segway, an epiphany of taking back control (live to fight another day). We hope this brings awareness to the struggles and trauma we all are dealing with, awareness for those coping with PTSD.

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#thrashmetal #rockmusic #metalmusic

Band: Extrema
Song Title: Paralyzed
Album: Headbanging Forever
Written and Directed by Adelaide Fiori
DoP: Valerio Matteu
Editing and Color: Adelaide Fiori and Valerio Matteu
Starring: Jacopo Piroli
Produced by Visualclip
C&P Extremateam 2024
ISRC Video: IT6CA2400063




▶Official Website:

#extremaband #tommymassara #tizianospigno #francescolarosa #gabrigiovanna #marcocassone #thrashmetal #thrashmetalmusic #newmusic #rockmusic #metalmusic #metalmusicvideo #headbanging #paralyzed #extrema

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HOG MEETS FROGs 'ADOLF the ant (...or am i steve?)' -
or how to NOT seize the world as a drunken maniac

A small bar, fucked up, empty - this is probably the best environment in which misanthropic
warmongers and self-proclaimed world conquerors should stay with their power fantasies.
And it is precisely in this scenario that HOG MEETS FROG have placed their protagonist -
ADOLF the ant. Maybe his name is Steve, but who knows, especially when you're drunk as a

Staggering back and forth between aggression and narcissism - with a fading sense of
equilibrium - he fantasizes about using people who trust and cheer him for his purposes,
instrumentalizing them in order to seize world domination and to finally subjugate and
enslave them all.

Sip by sip, the desire for power increases, while at the same time the ability to control oneself
shrinks glass by glass, until finally unconsciousness sets in and shows the great conqueror
what he really is: a sad little lonley homunculus.


protagonist: CHRISTIAN gasser (

director, cut: ATTILA zsolt tornyi (LaMañana ||
camera: DANIEL Oberlechner
light: HANK & ELLI Pineider
and Rob Fairbrother - who let us male our video at the "Habit" ( - 'cheers!!'


song: ADOLF the ant (...or am i steve?)
[single || by HOG MEETS FROG || © 2024]

recorded by
peter ’PETZ‘ schwabl – bass, storytelling
ARIYAN rezaei jahromi – guitar
christoph ‘FIZL’ hehn – drums

mixed & mastered by LUKAS wiltschko (LW Sonics ||



booking: ||

tune is available on:
and many more…

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From the album ''Dawn of Reckoning''.
ALBUM RELEASE: MAY 24th 2024!!!!

Artwork: Alex O'Dowd
Lyrics video: Irvan Dionisi

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- Rise -Soldiers
A tsunami of angry and bitter souls is rising upon you,
you feeble fools.
Can You hear it?
Can You feel it?
This is a hungry starving army that has a taste for you:
rancid foods, soured meats.
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
I do, hear your death.
Manslaughter - Massacre - Purgatory
Lustration - Ablution – Dissolution
- Rise -Soldiers
Your end will be their dawn, an offering of deaths for
It ain’t war.
It’s the inception of hope, the vengeance of innocents.
Those you feed from, those you bleed from, those you
abused from.
The balance must be restored from this soiled
earth…from this tormented era.
Predictions, advises, admonitions. You had enough
Your denial is your obsolescence.
Now, it’s you turn to be threatened and face extinction.
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
It’s coming to you!
Manslaughter - Massacre - Purgatory
Lustration - Ablution - Dissolution

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Official lyric video for “ Refuge ” by Dune
Listen to “Refuge” on Dune EP " Years of Chains" on all platforms

Don’t turn off the light leave me in dome
Pain barred your words paved my sky they did know the truth
The clue of humanity is the strength for who owns
I trapped in myself and God owns us all

When I look at the mirror and I see what you’ve made
Laying in my bed under the sun you’ve created
Sometimes it gives me light but never give me faith
My soul is yours and my hand are stained with sins

I seek refuge from the lord of the dark
From wickedness and the mess he created
From the evil of darkness when it storms
And from the fire horns when they invade

The pain started to spread everywhere
But my eyes are still open watching my day
I am hearing voices there’re some kind of friends
Some are crying some saying their prayers

Please take my hand take my soul set me free
Dying ain’t much of living without what we believe
I need your forgiveness your mercy and your heal
To get back on your lands or

I seek refuge from the lord of the dark
From wickedness and the mess he created
From the evil of darkness when it storms
And from the fire horns when they invade

Now you’re mine
Obey me and leave it all behind

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Altered States - second single from the EP, Altered States.
Single release - April 19, 2024
EP release - May 24, 2024

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North American progressive gothic metal band Exsomnis' debut single "Inertia" is now out!

Stream or Download Inertia here:
➤ Spotify:
➤ Apple Music:
➤ Bandcamp:

Lyric Video by Martin Trottier

Follow Exsomnis:

Viky Boyer:
Jeff DeMarco:
Jon Mohr:
Rithiya Khiev:
Ehren Hill:
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Death Metal lyric video for ANCIENT ENTITIES - Pierced by Obsidian from their debut album "Echoes of Annihilation" out June 21, 2024. Support ANCIENT ENTITIES here :

Genre: Death Metal
Location: Milwaukee, WI 🇺🇸

Big Cartel:

"Pierced by Obsidian" off debut album "Echoes of Annihilation" out June 21, 2024.

"We think fans first hearing the album will find there is a refreshing mix of styles of death metal. Modern, old school, and some sounds in between. Over the last two years of playing and testing out markets, we can definitely say the massive sound of Ancient Entities will be well received by all fans of metal old and new on record as well. The goal of Ancient Entities is to bring you back to ancient times, to portray and capture the feel of the lyrics and subjects of our songs through powerful music, ambiance, and riffs." - Ancient Entities

Album Credits:
- Mixing and mastering done at Hertz Recording by Wojtek Wiesławski
- Drum editing: Christopher Lars Djuricic at Belle City Sound
- Recording and editing instruments: Fatty Acid Studios Jake Falk
- Vocal recording: Dan Klein at Iron Hand Audio
- Drums recorded by Nick Morgan
- All songs written by Alex Rausa, Bernardo Mendia, Brian Guilliford
- Special credit Luke Veranth for contributions to songs,
- Jake Falk for recording guitars on songs 1-8
- Cole Daniels for the recording of all bass tracks 1-8
- Album artwork: by Bernardo Mendia
- BMI Affiliated

Album Recording Lineup:
Alex Rausa - Guitar
Bernardo Mendia - Drums
Cole Daniels - Bass
Brian Gulliford - Vocals
Jake Falk - Guitar

Live Band Lineup:
Alex Rausa - Guitar
Bernardo Mendia - Drums
Luke Veranth - Bass
Brian Gulliford - Vocals
Jake Falk - Guitar

The Circle Pit - Subscribe for more!

Official Website:


Released in association with ANCIENT ENTITIES

#deathmetalpromotion #deathmetalchannel #metal

The Circle Pit // #thecirclepit #circlepit

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