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Trois-Rivieres, QC's Nova Spei is back with a new edition of their xmas song "Le Père-Noël est une ordure! - Santa Claus is a Garbage!" (Remixed at 100% by Anthony Chognard from CHS Prod) accompanied by a new music video.

"Le Père-Noël est une ordure! - Santa Claus is a Garbage!" is an original composition on the theme of a bad Santa from a seedy shopping center who humorously missed his life journey." adds the band.

Taking the opportunity once again to join Bam Co. Heavy's second Christmas compilation entitled "Noel In Extremis II", the holiday album also features tracks from bands Dizzygoth, The Lookout, Vantablack Warship, Dirty Cheetah, Thrash La Reine, Rope Skills, Demonstöne, Tunguska Mammoth, Obscurcis Romancia, MR.82, and Reanimator. Album Artwork by Filip Ivanović.

On “Noël In Extremis II” you will discover Christmas classics with a new twist. which will in turn become classic versions themselves. Get ready to sing your favourite Christmas songs spiced up by each of these groups.

This compilation continues its tradition by donating a portion of its profits from each CD sale to help the homeless and less fortunate. Anticipation is high from fans of previous compilations. "Noel In Extremis" compilations have become prized and sought-after cult collection items.

Compilation - Noel In Extremis II
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NOVA SPEI - Le Père-Noël est une ordure! - Santa Claus is a Garbage! (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Released in association with NOVA SPEI

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Band: Never Reborn
Song: Existence Denied
Album: Ashes of Our Past
Country: United States
Year: 2023

Lyric Video by Rafael Ortega, Ecliptic Visions and Sounds

Recorded at Homewrecker Studios
Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Ryan Bram
Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright

Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal

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***Ai Visualizer***

Another nightmare for Halloween! A dive into the death penalty. Throughout history up to the enlightement, not so much a deterrent but entertainement for the masses. The often maccabre and botched execution would bring ten's of thousands from all around to witness the horro show.

"Society demands, death's cavalcade..."

Here's the Ai rendition of "Ravenstone"
Off our new 2nd album "Hell Campaign"

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Year 2193 Mission: 3116 The Red Village incident

The Valewalkers are contacted by an old friend, Tobias to investigate a series of strange disappearances in a neighboring village. It is believed that a vile creature from beyond the Nexus Rift, known by the locals as Lumia is responsible for the missing villagers, among them, Tobias’ new bride and infant child. As the hunters and their forlorn guide begin their pursuit of the creature and it’s cultist minions, they soon discover that not all is as it seems in the ruins of the red village

Visit to download the song:

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Artist: Hatred Reigns
Album: Awaken The Ancients (2023)
Song: Awaken The Ancients (Official Video)
Music & Lyrics recorded by Hatred Reigns

Performed by: Hatred Reigns
Filmed by: Hatred Reigns
Video Production by: Neil Grandy

Available now via:


Plight of the tyrants, prevail over mankind
Deliberate confusion, manipulate the blind
Misfortunate souls, powerless and weak
Shepherd the cattle, through poetic speech

False deities parade before the meek
Upon their pulpits, they preach
Bound to the fate of your own direction
Progenies judged by their own discretion
A predetermined reckoned heresy

Ascendancy through salvation
To ensnare others in negation
Your eternity will be spent in damnation

Extreme factions revolt and retaliate
Exact tactical assaults to dominate
Erupting legions with molten disgust
Expelling the fury results in blood lust

Mislead, abandoned; we feel betrayed
Resulting in an imminent vehement response

Images of despair penetrate the mind
Your monolithic church; a vicarious daemon to find
Spewing scriptures of false erudition
Pressured to litany for lustration

Burned bodies lay glowing with red embers
As smoke scorches the skies unremembered
Mass graves are filled with the perished
As crucified martyrs remain admonished

Unwilling to adapt to this criterion
Constrained by the facade normalcy
Unable to resist the simulacrum
Consider the solve of antipathy

Trumpets sound, spirits abound
To bear witness, for breaking ground
Beckoned entities emanate translucently
Awaken the Ancients
The ability fractured to appear upon the surface
Abet the damned, hind condemnation
The transformation, beyond creation

To call unto thee
O shapeless specters
Evoked to rise; Arise!
Awaken the Ancients

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Judicator presents “Mandy,” a cover of Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” (1974) which is actually a cover of Scott English & Richard Kerr’s “Brandy” (1971), except Judicator’s “Mandy” is in the style of Panos Cosmatos’ ‘Mandy’ (2018). Are your heads spinning yet??

Vocalist John Yelland states: “For years now I’ve been in love with the idea of doing a cover of ‘Mandy,’ but with a vibe that gives a very deliberate nod to Panos Cosmatos’ 2018 film of the same name. I arranged the song in such a way that, I believe, captures the majesty of Manilow’s rendition, but also the frenzied focus of Nicolas Cage. ‘Mandy’ was recorded during the same sessions as our new album, so this is the production and sound you can expect.”

#panoscosmatos #mandy #barrymanilow #powermetal


Recording/Music Video Line-up:
John Yelland – Vocals
Balmore Lemus – Guitars
John Dolan – Bass
Jordan Elcess – Drums

With special guests…
Austin Bentley - Piano
Francisco Perez - Orchestration, Additional Piano
Alexander Bosson - Drums

Mixed and edited by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Audio
Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio

Music and lyrics by Richard Kerr and Scott English
Arranged by John Yelland


Directed & edited by John Yelland
Cinematography & camera by Kade Riding
Aarron Rupena by Camera
Elizabeth Castillo by Gaffer
Special thanks to Enigma 3, Spencer Breese, and Sean Hunt

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#visualizer #stonehorns #metal

Distribution: Rockshots Records
Video: AI
Editing/ FX: David Viard
Music: David Viard, Mathis lakermance, Antoine Roszak
Lyrics: David Viard


Trapped in my own body I was moving forward like a blind
No way out in this empty shell neither in front nor behind
To be stronger I must die and then rise from my ashes
Before the royal butterfly you will drop your axes
I rose alone in Lycia, in impure caves full of bones
Here is my story, no other character I am alone
Many are the fighters who wanted to confront me
Many are the conquerors who've tried to defy me

My skin is still not sold
You shouldn't have come, I said so

My chrysalis has bloomed
You've never seen anything as beautiful as

My chrysalis has bloomed I can finally breathe
I'm flying right beside you
You've never seen anything as beautiful as me

After years of wandering I have finally found my way
I grew up, I learned from all the trials, no more time to play
If you had lived as long as I have, you would know what it's like
To have your heart pierced a thousand and one times by a spike
I have known all the shades of darkness of the human soul
Always wanting to look perfect but always full of flaws
For you nothing is forever, everything goes by too fast
Exhausting everything to the end until the ultimate blast

Your skin was already sold
The moment you said "yes" to God

My chrysalis has bloomed
You've never seen anything as beautiful as

My chrysalis has bloomed I can finally breathe
I'm flying right beside you you've never seen anything as beautiful as me

Try to hold on to the humanity I have left
I am just one more among the wilds
Let go and become the beast I have always been
I am just one more among the wilds
Among the wilds
Among the wilds
Among the wilds
Among the wilds

My chrysalis has bloomed I can finally breathe
I'm flying right beside you
You've never seen anything as beautiful as me

Try to hold on to the humanity I have left
I am just one more among the wilds
Let go and become the beast I have always been
I am just one more among the wilds among the wilds

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Lyric video for the song Burnt Offering by Pessimystic.

Music and lyrics by Pessimystic
Video designed by with artwork created by Misanthropic-Art
Copyrights Pessimystic 2023

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New album ULTRAPOWER out FEB 2!

Special thanks to Kevin Martin, go rent some movies at The Lobby ya hosers.

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Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Josh Schroeder

I hear the whispers in the shadows
Something’s going on I don't know what to do
I stumbled on the darkest secret
Danger’s in the air this is something new

A blade in the night
You thought you knew them so well
And there's no dark without the light
And when the devil smiles and looks right back at you
What will you do

The circle of evil
You're a slave to the power and pain
You're in the circle of evil

And now I'm running for my life
I've opened up the door it can't be closed again
And they'll do anything for silence
Power of the night something I can't explain

A blade in the night
You thought you knew them so well
And there's no dark without the light
And when the devil smiles and looks right back at you
What will you do

The circle of evil
You're a slave to the power and pain
You're in the circle of evil

And when the devil smiles and looks right back at you
What will you do

The circle of evil
You're a slave to the power and pain
You're in the circle of evil
This is the end

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This is the first song from our EP Survival Mode coming out on Dec. 1st, 2023.

EP available here :

Disorientation is:
Daniel Daris - Guitars, bass
Marie-Claude Fleury - Vocals, oboe, english horn, drum programming

Classical choir on Dissociation by Maude Théberge and Pascal Germain-Berardi

Mixing and Mastering by Hugues Deslauriers

Band Social Media:

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"Unite And Conquer" is featured on IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's album "Unite And Conquer" - out in Europe on December 1, 2023 via Massacre Records - get it here »

Video produced by GHD - Lyric Video Production & Animation Studio

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CHAMELION Has A "Hero's Tale" To Tell You. Debut Album "Legends & Lores" Out December 8th, 2023 via Rockshots Records.

Creating epic symphonic fantasy power metal combined with classical music, including choir, renaissance, and baroque elements, Finland's CHAMELION, will be unveiling its debut album "Legends & Lores" this coming December 2023 on Rockshots Records.

Over the years they have released a few demos with various lineups. They now have a solid quintet of musicians that features founder keyboardist Marco Sneck, Tomi Viiltola (Vocals), Marco Sneck (Keyboards), Jari Satta (Guitars), Jukka Jokikokko (Bass) and Janne Kusmin (Drums).
Recorded in various studios and mixed by a legendary Tampere-based power metal mixer Jussi Kulomaa. Fans can hit the play button, and close their eyes to dive into a fantasy world where might and magic rules.

"It's is pure Fantasy Metal. The album is meant to be heard from beginning to end, as all the tracks are lyrically entwined into a chronologically advancing story. There are heroes, elves, magical quests, and other fantasy elements to get listeners all inspired! It is 55 minutes of adventurous heavy metal." says Marco Sneck.

Inviting fans last month on the band's first quest with the track "The Shadowleader", they are ready to tell their next adventure with their first song ever written and the album's second single, "Hero's Tale".

"It's a faster one and contains for example fast double bass drumming, a guitar solo, victorious chorus, and epic choir parts to name some elements of what you hear. Lyrically it's a tale about the album's main character, fighting for the good guys. This is what our fantasy metal is all about!" adds Sneck.

Video by Petri Marttinen & Janne Markus
Filmed in Raahesali

Japa Roukala / Raahesali
Mikko Myllylä

Thanks to:
Antti Remes
Eetu Pikkumäki

Tomi Viiltola - Vocals
Marco Sneck - Keyboards
Jari Satta - Guitars
Jukka Jokikokko - Bass
Janne Kusmin - Drums

Recommended for fans of Rhapsody, Twilight Force, Symphony X, Dragonland, and Gloryhammer, CHAMELION's fantasy album "Legends & Lores" is due out on December 8, 2023 from Rockshots Records and is available for pre-order at



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Band: Foetal Juice | @FoetalJuice
Album: Grotesque
Country: UK (Manchester)
Released: 11/17/23
Label: Gore House Productions

Order Digital/Physical:

#foetaljuice #grotesquealbum #gorehouseproductions

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FLASH WARNING: this video can potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

From our debut "Covered in Dust", released this summer.
Order it here:
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This video is a collaborative effort between Bruna Wanderley, Andres Arango, Sam Neumann, and Tyler Addey-Jibb. Filmed between Canada and Brazil with the help of close friends and family. Edited by Ben Tonkin in the UK.

Nature Morte owes to the ferocity of artists like Jarboe and Myrkur. The song speaks of post-trauma disembodiment, the feeling of dissociating from your body and emotions in order to cope.

Lyrics: I look though a veil clouds my sight / Pretend to hear though clay fills my ears / Ramble free from where / The path is blunt, the drifted fall through // Only an angel can turn against god / Playing with shadows, disturbed by a bleak thought / What to seek when the vision is blind? / A helpless shadow bearing the scorns of time // Hear me / See me / Free me / I am escapeless, I am you.

About "Covered in Dust": Thematically, the EP speaks from personal experience. Inspired by the intrinsical struggles of exile, relationship trauma, and the safe space found in sci-fi literature, the album travels through wonder, solitude, and disillusionment. The existential themes are metaphors for the process of leaving one’s own homeland, failing to adapt, and making someone else your home to then yearn for salvation. The music moves from bleak cacophony to comforting melodies played on the cello, with warm, sorrowful tones that take you on an individual journey in a timeless space. A soul-burning amalgamation of chaos and beauty that unfolds an atmosphere and pace that allows for the coexistence of tranquility and despair.

Kapitur formed in Montreal in 2022 as the offspring of a classical cellist who, with empowering rage, aims to reclaim an identity shut by oppressive religious doctrines, social norms of gender, ruthless relationships, and exile. With a lineup revealing of their diverse backgrounds, the band shares members with Spectral Wound, Massive Scar Era, Ratpiss, and more. "Covered in Dust" was mixed at Machines With Magnets by Seth Manchester, notably known for his work with Lingua Ignota, Big Brave, and The Body.

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Official music video for BURN THE EVIDENCE - Night Terror. Support BURN THE EVIDENCE here :

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada 🇨🇦
Genre: Nu-Metalcore


The new single "Night Terror" from Burn The Evidence, a crushing nu-metalcore union formed by former members of the local area band Greta Knights and current members of Fractures and Outlines. The conception of BTE has been churning in the mind of vocalist/lyricist Rémi Arsenault for many years and now it has finally met its fruition.


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Official Website:



Released in association with BURN THE EVIDENCE

#metal #numetalcore #metalcore

The Circle Pit // #thecirclepit #circlepit

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Strigampire new album "All To Dominate" will be released on December 15th. To mark the release, Strigampire presents the lyric video for the song “Liberty”! The album will be available on Strigampire's official online store at

Vocalist Steve DC says about the song:

“Liberty addresses the psychological and emotional consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on people, as well as the deceptive manoeuvres of governments to pacify the masses. I also express my frustration and anger towards the situation and encourage listeners to unite in the fight against tyranny and to regain lost freedom. I criticise the measures taken to contain the pandemic, which have led to isolation, fear, and anxiety, highlighting their detrimental impact on the mental health of the population.”

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New single by Eshtadur, Stream at:

Music & Lyrics by Jorg August
Mix & Master by Chris Clancy

Recorded with the Caldas Symphonic Orchestra
"Tiple Colombiano" by Jorg August
Orchestral arrangement by Jorg August

Video by InSign media
Directed by David Argüello & Felipe Argüello

Guest Musicians:
Michal Lysejko (Drums)
Hubert Wiecek (Guitar solo)

Eshtadur is: Jorg August (guitars/vocals), Andres El Negro (Bass), Juan David (Drums) & Johnatan (Lead Guitars) - 2023

Distant rays
summoning light for burning masses
stilled in the night
I found myself
I warn you...

Fire Above, Mountain Below...

Fire above the earth!

Ashes are raining
innocence racked, flames of dispute
blazing fear among us
I warn you...

Fire above, mountain below...

Those fallen down of insanity
vanity drown you underground

Embers at dark...
Forest incinerated

Fire above, mountain below...

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Encompassing traditional Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and hints of Progressive and Modern Metal, Brazil's As The Palaces Burn unlocks their sonic diversity with the new album "Drowning Into Shadows", now available as of October 31st from Rockshots Records.

To celebrate the record's release day, the band is sharing with fans their latest music video "Obbey", a track that they will find emerges as an anthem of surrender and defiance.

"Within the labyrinth of shifting faces, where time's relentless pulse echoes. With each note, a rebellion against the clock's cruel march takes shape, transcending highs and losses. The symphony of 'Obbey' resonates with the struggle for identity, questioning beliefs, and the pursuit of purpose. Join the chorus that confronts control, as this metal saga unveils a new dimension of rebellion, entwined with the unyielding spirit to persevere." adds the band.

As The Palaces Burn's sophomore album "Drowning Into Shadows", follows their EPs "Offer To The Gods" (2022) and "All the Evil" (2020), along with 2019's debut full-length "End'evour", which garnered the band nominations from Roadie Crew Magazine's "Best of the Year" awards in both 2019 and 2020.

"Drowning Into Shadows" is a mesmerizing blazing odyssey through a sonic realm of pure metal mastery. With production helmed by Adair Daufembach and co-produced by Gilson Naspolini at IMGN Studios in Brazil, and then masterfully mixed and mastered by Adair Daufembach at Daufembach Studios in the heart of Los Angeles, the album's sound is an intoxicating brew of power and precision.

Under the musical visionary and guitarist Diego Bittencourt's guidance, who crafted all the music and lyrics with a fierce passion, the album emerges as a testament to the band's indomitable spirit. Alyson Garcia's vocals pierce through the melodies like a sonic battlecry, while André Schneider's bass sets the foundation for the musical onslaught. Diego Bittencourt, also lending his commanding vocals, showcases his prowess on guitars that ignite the soul of the album, while Gilson Naspolini's drums provide the heart-pounding pulse that propels the tracks into pure metal euphoria.

The highlights are "For The Weak", “Into Emotions” and the last single, "Obbey”. The album is also graced by the captivating track "Some Of Them Died", a tribute to metal legends that have left an indelible mark on the genre's landscape. The song is a homage to icons like Children Of Bodom, Nevermore, Dio, Van Halen, Rush, Pantera, Slayer, Death, and Depeche Mode, woven into the very fabric of As The Palaces Burn's essence.

The album's intense artwork by Carlos Fides and the band's own captivating photo by Eduardo Köenig serve as visual preludes to the sonic journey within. "Drowning Into Shadows" beckons all metal enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its relentless rhythms, soaring melodies, and an unrelenting spirit that resonates through each note. As The Palaces Burn has undoubtedly crafted a masterpiece that stands as a shining testament to the might of heavy metal.

With their music resonating across digital platforms, As The Palaces Burn beckons fans of diverse metal flavors to experience their unique fusion. As they continue to evolve and make their mark on the Brazilian metal scene, their story unfolds with a promising horizon ahead.

Mandatory listening for fans of In Flames, Soilwork, Avatar, and Evergrey, As The Palaces Burn's new album "Drowning Into Shadows" is available from Rockshots Records at and digital at​
"Into Emotions" (Music Video) -​


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Life's So Good off ⁣ new album "Ways To Hate" this coming November 2023

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