Guitar Super Shredder Joey Concepcion Releases his Sophomore Solo Album

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Devine Technical Machine is a musical masterpiece!
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CT native guitar virtuoso and super shredder Joey Concepcion has just released his brand new full length solo album Divine Technical Machine on Mindsnap Music/Combat Records and it’s a musical masterpiece. The album is now available worldwide on all major platforms today, March 17th, 2023! The album was mixed and produced by Joey Concepcion and mastered by Nicky Bellmore at Dexter's Lab Recroding.

Check out the single and video for "Giant Spider Attack On The City"

Pick up the album here: Joey Concepcion - Divine Technical Machine

“I am excited and relieved all in one to finally have a killer home for my new music. Not only am I good friends with one of the main owners of Mindsnap Music, (Opus, one of my former bandmates), but I trust their team dearly. I also know they’ll work hard to help get my music out to the masses so it can be heard. A lot of time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, and finances have gone into making my new record! Hope you guys enjoy it," says Joey Concepcion (Solo Artist/Guitarist).

Anyone into heavy guitar driven music will appreciate this album. Like most solo guitarist albums, it’s not just one giant solo or non-stop noodling, there are great melodies within the songs too. Joey C. can not only play guitar like a monster with his abilities being put side by side like some of the guitar greats of past and present, but he is also super humble. The album features well known guitar gurus and some of his personal heroes like Christopher Amott, Jeff LoomisMarc Rizzo, and more.

“Joey C's songs are full of memorable hooks and I really like the controlled dissonance he's using in several of these songs. With chops to spare I believe he is somewhat of an Evil Satriani. The band here is intense as well. The drums are perfectly executed and compliment and telegraph the changes in the songs. A must hear for any heavy edge guitarists and drummers out there," says Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth/Kings of Thrash/Ohm guitarist).

Metal heads & guitar lovers… Do not sleep on this album!

Joey Concepcion has toured in Europe playing guitar for Dark Tranquility, and has filled in for Arch Enemy on guitar, toured and played with Jasta of HatebreedArmageddon with Chris AmonttThe AbsenceOnce HumanSanctuary, and Dead By Wednesday. He has also played on albums with Lost Symphony sharing solos with Marty Friedman, Jeff Loomis, Jimi Bell, and many more amazing and legendary guitarists!

Joey C. has also played major festivals all over the world such as Loud Park Japan, Summer Breeze Germany, Reload Festival Germany, and Alcatrazz Festival Belgium, to name a few.

Joey Concepcion is also endorsed by Jackson Guitars, Dimarzio Pickups, D’Addario Strings, & Dunlop.

Former labels include, Century Media, EMP Label Group, M-Theory Audio and Listenable Records.

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Divine Technical Machine Tracklisting:

1. Introduction

2. Anomaly Enterprize w/ guest Jeff Loomis

3. Awake in Dream w/ guest Christopher Amott

4. Blistered

5. Crucified

6. Giant Spider Attack on the City w/ guest Opus & Family

7. Elvianplush w/ guest Marc Rizzo

8. Infinity

9. Virtually Divine

10. Pure Disgust w/ guest Jo Atlan

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