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"Eternal night in Death" is a track taken from Fragment Soul's upcoming album "Galois Paradox", due for release via Wormholedeath.

Fragment Soul is a dark progressive-metal band from Greece.

Fragment Soul is:
Spiros Georgiou| Bass
Jimmy Louvros| Guitars
Marc Durkee| Vocals
Tamara Filipovic| Vocals
Stefanos Meletiou| Drums
Achilles Adamidis| Piano/keys

Follow Fragment Soul:
Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/SpotifyFragmentSoul

Buy/stream the single: https://orcd.co/enid

Credits: Greenlight Studios


Sleepless and cold...
I work through the night.
This one chance to love, Is this my fate?
I cannot risk an oversight.
Sever the ties, this peace of mind.
The words of the divine.
That I transcribe, into the afterlife.
No more lost time, my legacy defined.
I walk through the door...
My foe within reach, I die.

Come back to me now, love.
I’ll wait for you there, at the door, crossing forth.
To die...
Deliver us now from, the angels of fate.
Redemption, is so far, away...
You’ve taken your last breath.
With sickle in hand.
He calls, to you, farewell..

Now I see where, death has taken.
You away from...
Waking nightmares...
My salvation and my prison.
In the walls that, you’ve escaped and...
I can hear the raven cry.
I seek sweet release from life.

Meet me there.
I’ve waited for you...
With bated breath.

Take me there, I’ve found my peace in...
My death.

So what has become of me?
This waning fire in death, a dream
Not what it seems, no more will I falter...
Oh what has become of me?
Eternal night, in death, a dream...
Or so it seems.
No more will I falter...


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