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Taken from the upcoming studio album "Here Comes The Rain" - out January 12th, 2024
Pre-Order Link: https://Magnum.lnk.to/HereComesTheRain

Video produced by Ingo Spörl for https://www.hard-media.com/
More info at: http://www.magnumonline.co.uk/


You can hardly remember their names
But they know how to act
On a wall it says dead or alive
And they’re so neatly wrapped
On the highway that’s goin’ nowhere
They will surely get lost
Maybe they’ll be a king for the day
Keepin’ their fingers crossed

Need the courage to run through the night
Wings of angel’s dark eyes
Endless talkin’ that puts out the flame
Still the mountain survives
Join the party and sing rebel songs
Maybe it's just a sham
If the princess has never been kissed
Drink your wine save the lamb

They’re all lookin’ for someone who knows the answers
They’ll keep lookin’ for a thousand years

Well a blind man sees better than them
In his darkness no fear
Yeah he’s smilin’ but knows how to cry
Countin’ every tear
Past or present they’re one and the same
Politicians beware
What they want is the thing they can’t have
It won’t answer their prayer

No more mercy with blood in your eyes
And you can’t break the spell
Just like thunder you dream the same dream
Couldn’t wish it farewell
In the classroom where nightmares still hide
And the future runs past
Everybody wants fortune and fame
Just how long can it last

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