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This is the new Immortal Guardian’s release: "Roots Run Deep," the newest track from the album: “Unite and Conquer”, featuring special guest Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, GammaRay, Avantasia).

This Super Metal style song brings together the powerful vocals of Mr. Scheepers with Immortal Guardian's signature sound to create an epic and inspiring anthem.

"Roots Run Deep" takes us on a journey back to a time when we were all united, before our differences and conflicts divided us. It reminds us that we all share a common history and roots that run deep, and that as a society, we must learn to survive the separations and unite to conquer.

With a message of hope, unity, and perseverance, "Roots Run Deep" encourages us to come together to make the world a better place. So let us embrace our shared history and let this song inspire us to make a positive change in the world.

Thank you for watching this powerful and inspiring video, and be sure to check out "Roots Run Deep”, a release by M-Theory Audio, on all major streaming platforms.

Line up:
Gabriel Guardian - Guitar / Keyboard
Carlos Zema - Vocals
Justin Piedimonte - Drums
Josh Lopez - Bass

Ralf Scheepers - Vocals

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Block Out The Sun, is the first single release from the bands up coming 2023 2nd album - "From The Ashes". Video made by Brandy Black.

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Finnish Ondfødt comes pulverizing with their fourth album 'Det Österbottniska Mörkret’, Out May 26th, 2023!

The album takes you through the dark history of murders and the darkest side of people driven by religion. And as well as the urban legends of the
spirits and the evil creations that live in the endless forests of Östrobothnia.
Pre-Order and stream here:ødt

Guest vocals by (feat. Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns - Finntroll)
Music: Ondfødt

Video by cloudmusictypography

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New Album "A Vivid Shade on Misery" is OUT NOW!

Order it now:

Italy's melodic death metal powerhouse Embryo has unleashed its fifth album "A Vivid Shade on Misery", which features the pummeling drumming force of George Kollias (Nile) whom the band recruited for the full-length's recording.
Monolithic, intense, powerful, technical, and melodic this new album features eight brand new tracks and is another concept album like its predecessor "A Step Beyond Divinity". The band is inspired by historical Italian figures of the Renaissance era and their tormented lives, their absolute genius, and the gifts they gave to the world.


#metal #deathmetal #melodeath

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Power Metal Band Walk With Titans first single "Seven Against Thebes" Out Now!

For fans of Angra, Stratovarius, and Rhapsody of Fire.
Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of Walk With Titans for the release of their debut album "Olympian Dystopia" on May 26th, 2023. Based in Montreal, Canada, the band's goal is to bring all the epic elements you'd expect from a power metal band with a twist of Greek Mythology. On "Olympian Dystopia" the quintet showcases their writing and technical skills.

Efficient, epic, well executed, heavy, and mythical, this is what power metal fans will discover during 50 minutes of "Olympian Dystopia" brought forth by Nikko Cyr (drums), Nick Maugy (rhythm guitar), Louis Jacques (lead guitar) (ex-Blackguard), Lydz Grondin (bass), and Jonathan Vézina (vocals & orchestrations).

''We wanted to make a straightforward power metal album without compromising the epic side. I think listeners will realize that and enjoy it. We made this album during the pandemic and it kept us sane, we hope fans will find the same joy in listening to it as we had to make it! We bring some ancient Greek Myths to the forefront like Eurydice and Herakles, while others are more subtle like 'Edge of Time', which is Khronos representing time eating us all. Other tracks on the record we made as an analogy for societal issues.'' adds guitarist Louis Jacques.

Today, the band presents their first story and single accompanied by a music video. Entitled "Seven Against Thebes", the track tells the tale of the seven champions in Greek mythology who made war on Thebes, Adrastus, Amphiaraus, Capaneus, Hippomedon, Polynices, Tydeus, and Parthenopaeus. They were chosen by Adrastus, the king of Argos, to be the captains of an Argive army whose purpose was to restore Oedipus' son Polynices to the Theban throne.
'This song is very ''in your face''. We wanted to make a fast song with a very epic catchy chorus, I think we succeeded here. This song is about the myth of the two Oedipus' sons who fought to the death over the city of Thebes. The bridge solo section is very fast and intense, as a battle could be. We unleash everything on the stage when we play this one.'' says guitarist Louis Jacques
Watch and listen to "Seven Against Thebes" at​
Digital -​

Walk With Titans is recommended for fans of Angra, Stratovarius, and Rhapsody of Fire.
Album pre-order -​

#walkwithtitans #powermetal

Illustration : Jean-Michel Lima
Artwork : Marc-André St-Pierre
Band Logo : Jivago Raymond
Vidéo Shots : Dani Rod from Above the Sky Studios
Vidéo editing : Gabby Vessoni


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"Out of Plato's Cave" is the first extract of "Diama", very first album of the French progressive and alternative metal outfit SUNBEAM OVERDRIVE, to be released as CD & Digital through Tentacles Industries on 12th of may 2023.

Lyrics video by Florent Molinier - Graphic and Motion Design.




Karim Arnaout - Vocals
Tom Abrigan : Guitars & Vocals
Bruno Morgana : Bass
Laurent Duclouet : Drums

Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Tom Abrigan - 2022.
Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima @ Tower Studio [ Devin Townsend, Cynic... ] - 2023.

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Firestone by Kilmore (2023)

Video Production Credits:
Director/Camera/Editor: Heather Harris
Camera: Craig Harris & Dan Doran

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Surface of the Sun is a solo music project by Devon Eggers. Vanguard is the second single and second music video from Surface of the Sun's 2020 2-track album, Dragon. It is available at all online stores and streaming services. This is Surface of the Sun's second official music video.

Follow at:
IG: @surface_of_the_sun_music

Purchase at:

Copyright Devon Eggers/Surface of the Sun, 2020.

Surface of the Sun is a solo music project by Devon Eggers. All music and lyrics written and performed by Devon Eggers, except for the drums, which were composed and performed by Chris Warunki (FB: @chriswarunkidrummer).

Produced, recorded, edited, and mixed by Devon Eggers at Surface of the Sun studios. Additional Engineering on drums by Olivia Quan at Monarch Studios ( Mastered by Andrew Spindor at Railtown Mastering (

Video by Rob Zawistowski and Mitch Ray at RZCinema (

Album artwork by Sushant Vohra at Vohrart Designs (

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Artist : MILANKU
Song : À l'aube; nous sommes disparus
Label : Folivora Records
Distribution : Believe Digital

Produced by MILANKU
Photodirector : Marylou Beaulieu
Camera : Amina Yanouri
Dancer : Madeleine Bellefeuille
Montage + Direction : François Lemieux
Photograph : Alexandra Stairs

Music and lyrics by Milanku
Producer : Milanku
Sound : Guillaume Chiasson
Studio: Le Pantoum, Treatment Room, Studio Indica Records
Mix: Guillaume Chiasson
Mastering : Marc-Olivier Germain (Le Lab Mastering)

Les dents serrés
L’écart se resserre
Tour à tour
L’étau se resserre

Les portes se referment
Au pied du courant
Le sommet
N’est qu’une vision fourbe

À l’aube infinie
Le regard ivre
La peur
Vers le grand vide
Devient l'essence même
De la grande tristesse


/ milankuband

Folivora Records

/ @folivorarecords

© Milanku, DOZE Publishing
℗ Milanku, Folivora Records

This project is possible thanks to Canada Council for the Arts & SODEC.

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Support :

SANGUINE GLACIALIS - Welcome (Official Lyric Video)
Album: SANGUINE GLACIALIS - Maladaptive Daydreaming
Genre: Melodic Death / Gothic Metal
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada 🇨🇦
For fans of: Dark Tranquillity, Omnium Gatherum, Delain, Necronomicon, Unexpect, Anonymus

"Welcome" off Sanguine Glacialis Forthcoming 2023 Album
"Maladaptive Daydreaming".


Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Sanguine Glacialis shared the stage with Dark Tranquillity, Omnium Gatherum, Delain, Necronomicon, Unexpect, Anonymus and many more. The band experiments with multiple musical styles, such as jazz, classical, folkloric music, latin music, etc. while keeping a very strong melodic death metal accent. If you like what you hear, come dance La Valse des condamnés!



Welcome to our world
The place to wreck what’s left of you
Don’t go too far
We planned a thing just for you

STAY - Where
WITH –am I?
US – What am I doing here?
STAND - What
WITH - is
US – this place?

HERE - Who
FOR – are you?
YOU – Do you even exist?
WE - I
LOVE – don’t
YOU – know you!

Échapper à la réalité
Pour s’envelopper de fictifs échos fabriqués en vain

DON’T - Leave
LEAVE – me alone!
US – I know this is wrong
DON’T – I’m not
FAIL - staying
US – here anymore

Shatter the construct you created to ambush your mind
Dividing your residual soundness
A system framing your lucidity
In an elusive composite
Rupture the delicate fabric composing your judgment
Before it dominates you wholly
There’s still a narrow window for you to escape
Don’t hesitate or you will drown

The Circle Pit - Subscribe for more!

Official Website:


SANGUINE GLACIALIS - Welcome (Official Lyric Video) Melodic Death / Gothic Metal

Released in association with SANGUINE GLACIALIS

#metal #melodicdeathmetal #gothicmetal

The Circle Pit // #thecirclepit #circlepit

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Fantasy symphonic power metal band France's Avaland are sharing their next music video "Kingslayer" in support of their upcoming sophomore full-length "The Legend of the Storyteller" due out on March 31st, 2023 via Rockshots Records to follow their 2021 debut "Theater of Sorcery".


The band comments:
"This one was directly felt as a potential single by the band. Lucas made incredible work on the guitars on this song. The riffs are groovy and the chorus is a real hook. And no, it’s not a song about Jamie Lannister haha! But the question, here, is: Where is the good? Where is the evil?"

In addition to the album's upcoming unveiling, the band will be supporting Rhapsody of Fire in the Netherlands and Belgium tour dates on March 10th and 11th.

A special thank to L’Abbaye de Silvacane and Louis Pignloy who was a perfect Tyrant !
Script, Directing, Video and Teasers by Megalo Productions
Directing Assistant – Maxime Meyronin
Lights – Sacha Mincevski
Make-up – Maelle Scherrer
Scenery and Prop – Madie
Driver – Cyril Caillat
Produced by Storytium
Music by Adrien G. Gzagg & Avaland
Lyrics by Adrien G. Gzagg
Artworks by Stan W. Decker
Drums & Vocals recorded at Octavox Studio by Steven Rozier & Matthieu Budin
Guitars and Bass recorded by JP Francon
Mix by Steven Rozier
Master by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio
Master Dolby Atmos by Ludovick Tartavel at Studio de La Grande Armée
Released by Rockshots Records
Powered by Storytium

Adrien G. Gzagg - Lead Vocals
Jeff Kanji - Lead Vocals
Lucas Martinez – Guitars
Camille Souffron – Bass
Léo Mouchonay – Drums

Epic choir : Pierre, Cara, Abhi, Chris, Sarah, Meigge, Meph, Jeff & Adrien


Compared to Avaland's debut album, the band's next full-length “The Legend Of The Storyteller” is heavier and is a much more epic power metal record full of anthems upon anthems for fans to chant to as they are taken on a journey over twelve theatric tracks. The record also hears double vocal duties from Adrien G. Gzagg and Jeff Kanji along with album guests that include Zak Stevens (ex-Savatage/TSO), Madie (ex-Nightmare/Faith In Agony), Pierre “Cara” Carabalona (Eltharia), Ivan Castelli (Lionsoul), Angèle Macabiès, Jens Ludwig (Edguy) and Bruno Ramos (Sortilège/ex-Manigance).

Lead by Adrien G. Gzagg (Autor/Composer/Lead Singer/Synths and Orchestrations), the album's storyline is a prequel to the band's first album "Theater of Sorcery" as he explains further:
"This album, as the first one, is a journey, a trip out of our world, into the universe of Avaland. We enjoy seeing Avaland as a great saga, as a movie, or series. We feel like listening to Avaland is like watching Game Of Thrones, The Lord Of The Rings, or reading comics, it’s an escape from everyday life. For this album, we took a lot of inspiration from Game Of Thrones and Arthurian Myths. We love fantasy and mythologies and we also find ourselves having a great fascination for alchemy and esoterism. Time is also a great subject, it's mystical… in fact, time will be at the center of this saga. This new opus is showing a heavier and darker atmosphere of Avaland’s theatrical universe. Are you ready to be part of “The Legend Of The Storyteller”?"
Avaland is recommended for fans of Savatage, Angra, Avantasia, Symphony X, and Queen.

Previous single:
"Crimson Tyranny" (feat. Cara, Madie & Zak Stevens) -​
"Betrayers" (feat. Madie (ex-Nightmare/Faith In Agony) -​


Metal Video
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Official lyric video from the new TRAUMA album, AS THE WORLD DIES

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Apple Music:

EP: Self-Titled
Release: 2023
Genre: Death Metal
Location: Chicago, Illinois

All songs performed by Michael Nystrom Bala (Guitar), Manuel Barbará (Guitar), Yusuf Rashid (Bass), Joey Ferretti (Drums), Craig Schmul (Vocals)
All songs written by Michael Nystrom Bala
Produced/Mixed by Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios
Artwork by Lucas Korte
Video by Lucky Cerruti (Dead Vision)

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
Big Cartel:

℗ & © 2023 Necronomicon Ex Mortis
All rights reserved.

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Time to kickstart your motorcycle and take a ride with Bad Bones and their next music video for the single "Wanderers & Saints" in support of their sixth album "Hasta El Final!" due out March 17th, 2023 via Rockshots Records.

"Free, without rules, we abandon this society, to live on the margins, aware of the things we will miss, but proud of the choices made, an intro reminiscent of The Police, a song that flies away fast, light and powerful, perhaps the most "modern" song that Bad Bones have ever written." adds the band.


Video by Federica Bagagiolo
Credits: Maurizio " Simply" Bertola, The Family A.S.D. Finale Ligure

Influenced by NWOBHM to the LA street rock scene, Bad Bones was formed in 2007. The band has made a name for themselves with tours across Europe along with making the move from Italy to LA in 2009 to make a foothold in the USA until returning to their home country in 2010. Over the years, the band has consistently toured the USA and Europe with appearances at events such as the Hollywood Rock Convention, Italian Gods of Metal, and Metalitalia Festival along with supporting bands like Steel Panther, Hardcore Superstar, Crucified Barbara, Entombed, Gotthard, Crazy Lixx, Strana Officina and more.

True Metal Magazine named "Bad Bones" the Best Hard Rock band of the year for 2010 along with Metal Hammer Italy awarding "Demolition Derby" the Best Album of The Year for 2016.
A musical amalgamation of blues, punk, classic rock, and heavy metal, Bad Bones' latest offering "Hasta El Final!" is a powerful record, that shakes your bones and must be listened to in one go, in its entirety, just like taking a shot of whiskey, throw it down and then enjoy it while it warms your guts.
"The sound of the band has changed since the beginning, the first album "Small-town Brawlers" was very raw, it sounded almost punk in some ways, in 2012 when Max Malmerenda joined the band, who has an amazing and very melodic voice, a process had begun that led us to write albums more on the 80s hard rock side like "Demolition Derby" in 2016, today, with the return of Mekk we have found a more powerful sound and we have several songs that we could define as heavy metal. We want Hasta El Final! to hit you like a punch in the face, we had this in mind, make it compact and powerful, we didn't use samples, nor quantized/triggered fake drums, everything was played live, even the overdubs were kept to a minimum, and we wanted to keep the fierce spirit of our first albums." says the band.

Making uncompromising rock that is meant to be loud in volume and make ya sweat in the pit, Bad Bones give listeners classic old-school rock n' roll fun. Their lyrics reflect the things they see and hear, from memories, and life experiences, but also from movies or places they've been, there have many sources of inspiration that fans can clearly relate to.
Album pre-order -​
First single - Stream - "Bandits" -​


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We are elated to unveil the title track off of our debut EP "Dawn of the Serpent".

Apple Music:

EP: Dawn of the Serpent
Released: March 3, 2023
Genre: Deathcore
Location: Midwest, USA
TikTok: abaddonia_band

The Possessed - Branden O'Neill - Vocals
The Reaper - Brendan Luetkenhaus - Guitar
The Plague - Zach Neisius - Guitar
The Cultist - Isaak Clarkson - Bass
The Wendigo - Billy Jordan - Drums

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered - Chris Wiseman
Video - Danny Tilson
Extras: Kái, Siara Moon, Shawna Rose

Filmed at The Historic Lemp Brewery, courtesy of the Saint Louis Paranormal Research Society.


Decimation of the world
Contingencies revoked
Classifying detrimental complications
The world you know will soon be cleansed
Depopulating masses by societal extermination

Epoch of the sacrilegious,
A fortune most auspicious

A righteous, yet un-heavenly being
Will rise above the waste
Shrill cries is life lost and the stench of decay
Will bring the

Spawn of malevolence,
Forged in decades of decadence
A sinister to plot to employ,
It will replace what it destroys

It dissipates, bringing forth absolute catastrophe
No one will know what it wants
Until it achieves eternal siege
The race has succumb to the desperate calls
No hope is left as the hierarchy falls

Spawn of malevolence,
Forged in decades of decadence
A sinister to plot to employ,
It will replace what it destroys

What was once cast aside,
Can now, not be denied.

Dawn of the serpent, bring an abrupt end
To the squalorous filth

Booking inquiries: DM Booking & Management

℗ & © 2022 Abaddonia
All rights reserved.

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Listen to the full version of 'Blow the leave':

If you liked this song, check 'Rise and Fall' on all platforms:

"Blow The Leaves" by Neolia from the album 'Rise'

Lyrics: Tomer Mash

Written and Produced by Tomer Mash and Neolia

Neolia is:
Ben Reiss - Vocals
Tomer Mash - Bass
Gal Gabriel Israel - Guitar
Guy Levinberg - Guitar
Roy Nevii - Drums

Animation by:

Sophia Lee

Inspired by a story written by Tomer Mash

"Blow The Leaves" Lyrics:

blow the leaves breeze blow,
and the trees are crying
blow the leaves breeze blow,


blow the sails breeze blow,
and the waves are groaning
blow the sails breeze blow,
and your mouth gets…


Left, hollowed
smell the stench from miles
shut your windows, tilt the curtains,
And hide

Taught to keep my head up
But I can no longer stand your sight
Imprisoned in these smeared clouds

a periodic malfunction
Or a message from above
Either way you are pushed from the hive
Pulled out and put down
Cracked mouth, spread wide

Grab my soul, stretched on walls,
that learned to forget what eventually goes away
Their scorn like needles, piercing through my head
wandering from sign to sign
now my hunger starts deciding
Fear is now a motive in my dreams
As the seasons change

Down the stream row
And your thoughts are drowning
Down the stream row
and your mind gets..


Row the stream row
And your thoughts are drowning
Row the streams row

Feed off my skin right to the bone
Inch by inch severs my mind and soul
A darkened maze couldn’t confuse me more
Pasting thoughts to the stars as I go
All My kindness drains, my faith torn
Hate became a light, a truth
A potion for my agony.

Stretching wings
Wiping shadows off your dead slit eyes
hear it, read what's on the wall, big fish eat small fish, nature is consumed by men.

a periodic malfunction
Or a message from above
Either way you are pushed from the hive
Pulled out and put down
Cracked mouth, spread wide

Startling from side to side
On my abdomen descending
Fear like Venom seeps in
Leaves are rattling

as the seasons change,
as the seasons change.

Gaviangarishe me chemi,
Chemi da chemo vabrune
Chemi pechebi shen lotzvaze

blow the leaves breeze blow...
blow the leaves breeze blow...
blow the leaves breeze blow...
and you mouth gets...

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'Destination Woe' is taken from Shores Of Null fourth album 'The Loss Of Beauty' out on March 24th, 2023 via Spikerot Records.


Catch Shores Of Null on their upcoming European tour with Swallow The Sun, Draconian and Avatarium in April/May 2023:

02/04/2023 - Parkteatret - Oslo (NO)
04/04/2023 - Pumpehuset - Copenhagen (DK)
05/04/2023 - HeadCrash - Hamburg (DE)
06/04/2023 - Doornroosje - Nijmegen (NL)
07/04/2023 - Het Entrpot - Brugge (BE)
08/04/2023 - Rebellion - Manchester (UK)
09/04/2023 - Slay - Glasgow (UK)
10/04/2023 - Limelight 2 - Belfast (UK)
11/04/2023 - Whelan's . Dublin (IRE)
12/04/2023 - The Underworld . London (UK)
13/04/2023 - Essigfabrik - Köln (DE)
14/04/2023 - Matrix - Bochum (DE)
15/04/2023 - Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg (DE)
16/04/2023 - Im Wizemann - Stutgart (DE)
17/04/2023 - Le Grillen - Colmar (FR)
18/04/2023 - Backstage - Paris (FR)
19/04/2023 - Le Ferrailleur - Nantes (FR)
20/04/2023 - Le Rex - Toulouse (FR)
21/04/2023 - Sala Changó - Madrid (ES)
22/04/2023 - Sala Bóveda - Barcelona (ES)
23/04/2023 - Secret Place - Montpellier (FR)
24/04/2023 - CCO Villeurbanne - Lyon (FR)
25/04/2023 - Legend Club - Milan (IT)
26/04/2023 - Orto Bar - Ljubljana (SLO)
27/04/2023 - Schüür - Luzern (CH)
28/04/2023 - Undertown - Meyrin (CH)
29/04/2023 - Caves du Manoir - Martigny (CH)
30/04/2023 - Backstage - Munich (DE)
01/05/2023 - Dürer Kert - Budapest (HU)
02/05/2023 - Viper Room - Vienna (AT)
03/05/2023 - Futurum - Prague (CZ)
04/05/2023 - Hole44 - Berlin (DE)
05/05/2023 - Drizzly Grizzly - Gdansk (PL)
06/05/2023 - Klub Łącznik- Wrocław (PL)
07/05/2023 - UT Connewitz - Leipzig (DE)

Video by Sanda Movies


Another failure for my lonely heart
Cold and dreary my land slumbers
Another failure for my lonely heart
Beauty coaxed out of ugliness

Destination woe
Ardor, ardor
Desperation grows
Ardor, ardor

Another failure for my lonely heart
Ruined, childhood’s place is broken
Another failure for my lonely heart
Broken, curtains descend for life

Acceptance of the end
All things transform
Nothing stays the same
Things are meant to break
Transient, beautiful
Destroyed, got lost
Forgotten, bittersweet

Another failure for my lonely heart
Fallen, atrophy’s foreboding
Another failure for my lonely heart
Cold and ruthless is our sojourn

Destination woe
Ardor, ardor
Desperation grows
Ardor, ardor

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Official Lyric Video for "Narcissus" off Trail of Souls: Samsara - OUT NOW!

🤘 Don't miss out on new videos - click the red subscribe button & hit the bell for notifications!

Words & Music by: RivetSkull
Video by: Marvin CamaIich
Video Produced by: RivetSkull
Music Produced by: Matt Hyde
Music Recorded at: London Bridge Studio

► Lyrics:
The caustic blast
Death embraced
I look upon the fields laid waste
A wry smile from deep inside
Just one word
I can stop the tide

Tyrant murderer
Abide me
Jesters fools
Obey me

My blind legion led to crusade
Strike my foes with a slack blade
No kill is clean
Relish the torment
Sadistic monster
I ravage dissent

Hold steadfast
Follow me
Diminish yourself
Worship me

I am beautiful
I am perfect
You are nothing
The world is mine

You, you, you
You will praise me
You, you, you
You will love me
I am Narcissus

Hang on my words or be cut down
Obedience given social breakdown
Freedom earned in blood is vanquished

Willing enslavement
Readily slaughtered
Malevolent god
Adore me
Mindless warriors
Defend me
I am beautiful
I am perfect
You are nothing
The world is mine

You, you, you
You will praise me
You, you, you
You will love me
I am Narcissus

I have no shame I can’t be wrong
You alone deny the song
You are dim if you don’t agree
Even god wished he were me

You, you, you
You will praise me
You, you, you
You will love me

And you, you, you
You will praise me
And you, you, you
You will love me

© 2022 RivetSkull

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Spanish power melodic metal Dreamyth will be releasing the debut album "Aletheia" on April 14, 2023, via Rockshots Records.

Combining heavy riffs, epic and majestic orchestrations, modern synths, and stunning vocal and harmonies with finesse like no one else, the band delivers high caliber album with special guests Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia), Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind) and Eduardo Guilló (Sun of the Dying, Crusade of Bards). Dreamyth intends to conquer the heart of metal fans all around the world.

Today, in support of the full-length, the band is sharing their latest music video for the track "Odyssey" featuring guest growl vocals from Eduardo Guilló (Crusade of Bards, Sun of the Dying).
The band explains the track in further detail:

"“Odyssey” has one of our favourites choruses, epic and melodic where the vocalists show their power. It is the first song on the album, a drum roll moved by the wind breaks the silence to lead the way to one of the heaviest tracks on the record, powerful riffs and synthesizers command, and without knowing very well how, the adventure begins. Andrea and Edu introduce themselves in a combination of beautiful melodies and raw growls answering each other. The Etesian winds, those that mysteriously brought them here, predict a change. Before you know it, you'll be right into the chorus, one of the catchiest on the album, a main melody sung by Andrea accompanied by numerous backing vocals from Dani, who bursts onto the scene without going unnoticed, plus even more guttural responses from Edu, three distinct vocal lines that merge at the end of the chorus to give it a force out of the ordinary. Bravery! Odyssey! Are the Battle Cries. Melodic, a lot of dynamism between the different vocal registers that our singers display here. With more vocal ornaments than instrumental compared to others, Odyssey is called to be one of the favorites of the album as it is for us."
Music Video -​
Digital -​

Dreamyth was formed in 2020 by guitarist and composer Adrián Carrero (Crusade of Bards) and drummer David Macarrilla. Dreamyth crafted its name by combining the words “Dream” and “Myth”, which they described as “a new world beyond imagination where its Myths and legends are real”.

Band co-founder Adrián Carrero’s passion for classical history and culture, especially his stories about mythology in different cultures influences the lyrics that accompany the band's compositions. Everything takes place in a new world where they are the Gods, Aletheia.
The concept album transports fans to a new world “ALETHEIA”, and the myth and legends that surround it are sometimes approached from a philosophical point of view.
"The idea was born from the need to give a new approach to the way of telling the myths of our world. Over the years, these stories derived from cultural traditions or legends, which have a deep symbolic meaning and usually involve a lesson, have been shared in different ways and have always generated a certain curiosity and inspiration in society. Luckily, there are tons of myths and legends and often many variations of the same core story between different cultures." adds Adrián Carrero.

The musical composition of the album is clearly influenced by the great power metal and symphonic groups, some of the band members' favorite genres. "Aletheia" incorporates flourished power, pop, metal, and rock songs combined with incredible storytelling of a mythical, and unique world filled with wonderful shades of “light in the dark.” On it, you can see a lot of guitars with doubled melodies, keyboards interacting with these melodies, epic orchestrations with a high level of detail, a lot of contrasts… music with a big amount of different sounds, from intimate ballads with only acoustic instruments to furious riffs leading to epic or darkness places.

Adrián Carrero adds, "The band and I are so excited to bring you the first chapter of our story! We've been working really hard on all this music, making the stories connect and the music itself reflect the plot of each. It's definitely the most time we've spent on a musical project and the first time I’m leading all the work, from the first song ideas to the lyrics. We hope people enjoy it as much as we did forging it."

Dreamyth is recommended for fans of Avantasia, Firewind, and Beast in Black.

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First single / title track - "Aletheia" ft. Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia):
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YOTUMA - The Traveler (Official Music Video)
EP: YOTUMA - Otherworldly Incarnate
Genre: Death Metal
Location: Madison, WI 🇺🇸
For fans of: Decapitated, Kublai Khan, Lamb of God, Deicide, Suffocation

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All music written and performed by Yotuma

Video/editing by Ben Reigel

Produced by Evan Yoakum at Red Shed Records

Mixed and Mastered by Russell Hollar at Nomad Recording Studios

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YOTUMA - The Traveler (Official Music Video) Death Metal

Released in association with YOTUMA

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