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Videoclip oficial de Murmur "Sol Invictus"

Dirección, guion, montaje y producción: Azahara Gómez & Lorenzo Ayuso
Dirección de fotografía: Fred J. Segado
Ayudantes de cámara: Sara Arcos, José Luque
VFX / Vestuario / Arte: Azahara Gómez
Concept art / Storyboards: Lorenzo Ayuso
Maquillaje: Eva Bueno
Una producción de Ahora Producciones

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Canción grabada y masterizada en California Studios.

Management: Black Heaven


Creations of the blinding sun
the seed of self deception
Finding delusion as real
Necrosing the thought of existence

Slaves of the beauty above
Denied from the secrets below
Longing for the hidden truth
Completeness through darkness

While sacred golden sun lies bleeding
comes our time to rise
beneath the passages of this earth
We drink from the darkest knowledge

A fire
Our cenit
The blackest sight
The shadow
within the light
The truth
Without the lie

As the morn offspring is born
Decadence of lifetimes bloom
When the two realms are found
freedom’s chains are doomed
As shadows became thinner
We reach the hollow’s end
Approaching Dante’s gate
Descending hell to witness faith

Alma mater
Draconic aeon
Sisyphean life

© 2022 - Todos los derechos reservados

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Band: Never Reborn
Song: Existence Denied
Album: Ashes of Our Past
Country: United States
Year: 2023

Lyric Video by Rafael Ortega, Ecliptic Visions and Sounds

Recorded at Homewrecker Studios
Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Ryan Bram
Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright

Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal

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Music video by Akercocke performing Leviathan.

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Mag Electric "Thorn in my Side" Music Video
Best when viewed in HD 1080p

Video edited. by @freakdemographic1887

Check out the song on all streaming services and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube!!

Copyright Mag Electric 2023

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The Spectre Beneath return to unleash their new single 'Forsaken...We All Fall'. Released on May 1st 2023 on all major streaming services.

Visit The Spectre Beneath's Bandcamp page:

Band Line-Up:
Stevie – vocals
Pete Worrall – guitar/bass
Consta Taylor – drums
Vini Assis – lead guitar
Katy Lennon – Backing Vocals

Music by Pete Worrall.
Vocal melody by Pete Worrall, Katy Lennon and Silvija Bogojevic.
Lyrics written by Pete Worrall

Produced by The Spectre Beneath
Recorded 01/22 – 06/22
Mixed and Mastered by Juho Kilponen, Kilproduction Audio
Video by Cosmas Hiolos of Krieg Design


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16 - "Her Little "Accident""; taken from the album 'Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds'' available now on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records.



Pacing back and forth
What have I done?
First I kicked down the door
Loaded my shotgun
If I can't have you
Then no one will
The outcome is ...
I'm sorry with a smirk
If you call me crazy
I'll show up at your work
If I can't have you (2x)
Then no one will
Find More lyrics at
Eat, sleep, breathe
Your fault
I track my vendetta
Your fault
I'm lyin' in wait
Lacking sympathy
Gather up the bait
Then you will be mine
Your fault
Oh yeah
Her little accident
Oh yeah
Her little accident

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Trivium is now on tour with Volbeat! Click here for dates and tickets:

Trivium's new album Vengeance Falls is available now on Roadrunner Records. Download the album on iTunes:

Trivium on iTunes:


A common woman
Lives by The Bible
Wed-locked a prison
Of antiquation
Brings life to the earth
While losing her mind
Trying suicide
Hallucinating Satan

Forcing her own blood down
Beneath the waters to drown
Lying dead with eyes wide open

Spiraling downward
Refusing all help
Neglects the children
Dagger licks her neck
Desiring escape
Succumbing Satan
Robbed by the seventh deadly sin

Forcing her own blood down
Beneath the waters to drown
Lying dead with eyes wide open
Believing Satan was inside
Ordering to abide
To destroy her cursed children

Entrance of the Conflagration
Entrance of the Conflagration


Conditions worsen
Searching for answers
In holy scriptures
Systematic plan
Water fills the tub
All of her children
Floating lifelessly
Innocence chased down and drowned

Forcing her own blood down
Beneath the waters to drown
Lying dead with eyes wide open
Believing Satan was inside
Ordering to abide
To destroy her cursed children

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Enter the groovy, ruinous world of "The Cambrian Explosion", the second single off Alkaloid's upcoming album 'Numen'.

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Morean - guitars, vocals
Christian Münzner - guitars
Linus Klausenitzer - bass
Hannes Grossmann - drums

Recording Studio: Mordor Sounds, Nürnberg, Germany.

Producer: Hannes Grossmann & Alkaloid.

Recording & mixing: Hannes Grossmann

Mastering: Alan Douches at West West Side Music studio in Hudson Valley, NY.

Former Alkaloid guitarist Danny Tunker contributed to "The Cambrian Explosion"

The images for the music video were created in Midjourney.

Toxic horizons
Pestilent holes
Mountains rain from the sky

Earth starts to freeze
Equator to poles
Nothing to do here but die

Choking themselves to extinction
Decaying to sulfurous slime

Purple, the seas
Stagnant, they lie
Reduced to hell without time

Until from the poisonous ooze
Two chemical archangels climb
The Gemini
Of collagen and oxygen

Microbes cluster together
Echo themselves toward the sun
Quietly emerge from the nether

Zombified eons expire
Ancient mycelium stirs
Awakens a stygian choir

Solo - Morean

Pulsating stenches
Soar from the trenches
Congregate, never to sever

Membranes unite
Excrete and divide
Transforming the planet forever

Third time’s the charm
And a paradigm plunges
Brought to its knees
By molds, fungi and sponges

And then something else
Propels the cells
Away from death’s erosion
The Cambrian Explosion

Shocked from slumber
Sways and lumbers
A reborn evolution
The wheel of hunger
Looms humongous
An unborn revolution

And one more time
In the slime
Cell walls groove
Things start to move

Red algae first
Then some worms
In the muck
Things start to fuck

One more tooth
Mouths that thirst
Drawn by light
Things start to bite

One more limb
One more eye
Claws that pry
Things start to die

One more spine
Things start to run

The ocean bursts
The hunt is on

Solo - Hannes

An eon awakes
Fueled by a trillion demises
Ruin awaits
Looms in a million disguises

Predators start to crave more
Multiply as if possessed
To mutate to more lustrous shores

Magnified monsters aspire
Newborn spectacles stun
Exultant on wings of immortal desire

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Season of Mist has always been known for being an innovative and wide spectrum label, interested in exploring and developing new artists and bands. The label represents well-known acts such as ROTTING CHRIST, ARCHSPIRE and HEILUNG, as well as rising stars in extreme metal like GAEREA, SYLVAINE and REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER.

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"Inhale the Ash" by the danish melodic death metal band THUS. Check out the song on your favorite streaming service here:

"Inhale the Ash" features Sebastian Lanser (ex- Obscura, Obsidious, Panzerballett) on drums.

Guitar & Vocals - Frederik Jensen
Bass - Sebastian Skousgaard
Guitar - Tobias Hornstrup
Drums - Sebastian Lanser

Mix & Mastering - Andreas Linnemann

Music video by


Man of all
Just alive
Undone crime
Will be his
end of all

Tell they're wrong
Tell all around me

Foolish souls!
Will I now obey

All is in my wains now
With nowhere to be

Locked up
A corrupted mind now
Do I
Just deserve to die

Inhale the ash now
Suffer a slowly death
Inhale the ash now

To spare
A life in pain

The ground is all of the dead
Nothing makes me
Want to Forget
A life of no wrongs indeed
Or have I just
My death agreed

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Metal Church "Pick A God and Prey" Official Lyric Video from their new studio album "Congregation of Annihilation" available at:

Video Produced by Wayne Joyner and David Letelier

Connect with Metal Church at:

Connect with Rat Pak Records

#metalchurch #newalbum #2023

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Preorders are available at:
Techdeath outfit REAPING ASMODEIA, unveil the lyric video for their apocalyptic new single "Defenestration", taken from their forth-coming album, Impuritize, due out on Feb 24th through Prosthetic Records.

For tour dates & more news on the band, please visit:

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Catch Third & Delaware live in Dallas March 1st at Trees!
w/ Norma Jean & Fire from the Gods


Media ||
Spotify ||
Merch ||
Producer || Russell Hollar
Director || Chris Honesto
Management || Lion of the North

Third & Delaware - Mayflower


Stride upon the ashes
Was it worth the lesson learned?
Steady lies
Cover up and watch the flood engulf our eyes
Spite the rain, you once said it was fate
Point the blame into nothing

Burn the letters, all the light upon the edges fade
Mistake the lasting spark
Harbor a decay

Fake into the weight of my wretched mind
I guess I'll never see the end that we said we'd find
Beyond despair, is there nothing there?
So go and sail away when you see fire
Burn the letters, all the light upon the edges fade
Mistake the lasting spark
Harbor a decay

Ride along the only wave
Sail away from matters left awry
All around departed eyes
Sail away when you see fire

Your anchor lies

Weep, leave me a wreath of allurement
Grieve, no time to source or reveal to understand the infraction
Grasp, onto the thorns that spiral deep
The perianth incinerates

Sail away

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Official lyric-video taken from the 2nd album "Of Hoods and Masks" to be released on CD/12"LP on 20th of April 2023 through Fighter Records (

Chapter 5: Betrayal in Cold Blood


How could we…?

He just wanted to defend what was right, put criminals behind bars… or under the ground.

He could be kind of extreme sometimes; I agree. But he was my partner all those nights on the hunt.

And he was right about this, and we just killed him cowardly, a betrayal in cold blood.

A calculated casualty, we just measured the odds and preferred this option instead of facing the truth.

I don’t think I can ever forgive myself for this…

The End?

Metal Video
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Album - Heaven Into Dust
Order here: on “Heaven Into Dust”:“Bangers! The gates have been opened! A storm of raging speed metal will bring you FIRE! The KNIFE is back! The assault has begun! ‘Heaven Into Dust’!KNIFE state on the upcoming album, Heaven Into Dust:“The black leather hounds are back! The second sonic assault is at hand. In rage and fury, the blade is swung! The KNIFE has returned to bring you the true sound of steel. Sent by the Gods of Rock N Roll, there is no return. Heaven Into Dust!KNIFE online:

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Band: Deimhal | Song: Vengeance Of The Night Crows | Genre: Symphonic Black Metal | Year: 2023 | Country: Finland

Official Lyric video for "Vengeance Of The Night Crows" by Deimhal

Video produced by:
Mika Tönning

Vengeance Of The Night Crows
Composition & Lyrics: Mika Tönning
Arrangement by: Deimhal
Produced by: Deimhal
Mixed & Mastered by: Joni Borodavkin

Deimhal "Vengeance Of The Night Crows" - Line Up:
Mika Tönning - Vocals
Timo Lehtinen - Bass
Janne Kusmin - Drums
Henri Isojärvi - Synths
Toni Buckman - Guitars
Gabor Dancs - Guitars

An army from the north seized the sky
Their black wings gleamed in the aurora lights
As they rode under the dimming moon
Skies turned red into fiery gloom

Hear the frost winds' disharmonious voices
As they sing an ode to mournful souls
Feel the bloodthirst of December wolves
As they hunt on a wintry snow

In the battlefield of darkness, we rise
Through the storms of death, we strike
We will reign supreme In this fight
As we unleash our unholy light

We are the dark fortress of nothingness
Bringers of death and chaos, we rule the emptiness
Within the hearts so black we will conquer and prevail
Our enemies will fall their souls consumed by fire

Hear the frost winds' disharmonious voices
As they sing an ode to mournful souls
Feel the bloodthirst of December wolves
As they hunt on a wintry snow

In the battlefield of darkness, we rise
Through the storms of death, we strike
We will reign supreme In this fight
As we unleash our unholy light

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Courier single by a Finnish blackened death metal band Progeny of Sun! The track is taken from the upcoming debut album 'Throne of Desolation' due to be released on December 8th 2023!

LISTEN to Courier single also on other streaming services:

Niko Aromaa - Vocals
Jaakko Hautamäki - Guitar
Joni Kiviniemi - Guitar
Tuomo Tolkki - Bass
Juha Peura – Drums

Video made by The Black Visual Studio & Niko Aromaa


#progenyofsun #courier #inverserecords #finnishmetal #extrememetal #blackeneddeathmetal #metalmusic #metal #deathmetal #blackmetal

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BUTCHER BABIES - I Smell a Massacre (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Take from the album "Goliath". Century Media Records 2013.

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We proudly present our brand new music video for our song "Love Language"

Video Filmed/Edited by Blake Littell
2nd Camera - Aden Klinger

Video filmed live at Dead Ringer Analog Bar in Reno, Nevada

All music written/produced/mastered by Preacher @lionfistrecordings

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