Bullet For My Valentine - Rainbow Veins

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Rainbow Veins taken from the self-titled album by Bullet For My Valentine out now
Purchase: http://bfmv.co.uk/bulletformyvalentineID
Rainbow Veins: http://bfmv.co.uk/RainbowVeinsID
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Body shakes I got rainbows running through my veins
And now I just can’t comedown
Flying high I’m still drowning in the chemicals
And now I just can’t comedown
Diving head first into a black hole
Becoming unstable mentally
I’m tryin hard to ride these tidal waves
Of unfiltered ecstasy
Another day but I don’t wanna face it
Oh oh oh oh oh oh I wanna heal so I'm self-medicating
And I don’t wanna feel it now
Another day but I don’t wanna face it
Another dose just to keep me sedated
And let reality float away
Body shakes I got rainbows running through my veins
And now I just can’t comedown
Sinking deeper into a pit of snakes
As they dance to the melody
I got a time bomb ticking in my chest
That’s never felt so heavenly
Take me over the edge
Don’t wanna stop
And me not coming down again
Take me further away
Not gonna stop
And I'm never gonna be the same

A Common People Films Production
Director: Carl Addy
Creative Director: Fiona Garden
Exec / Producer: Ramy Dance
Exec / On Set Producer: Tony Roberts
DOP: Thomas English
Stylist / Creative: Rachel Freire
Art director: Katie South
Studio: Robert Kennedy @Dalston Pier Post
Producer: Rebecca Townsend
Editor: Sara Faulkner
Edit Producer: Sam Mildner
Flame: Kieran Baxter
VFX: Carl Addy and Gabriel Thomas
Grade: Jax Harney
Colour Producer: Franky Chadwick

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