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Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame

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Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame (Official Video)
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Here I stand, alone, with hate.Here I stand, too long, too late.All I know, is you will leave us all.Here I stand, alone, to fall. Oh my Brother, how could you? Not look into the eyes of your fellow man, who stood with you, through it all, and feel nothing in your heart but hate.Red stain on the blade, all sense of worth has been washed away. Sacrifice was all in vain, where’s the sense of guilt?Where’s the shame? Lost Soul in the unmarked grave, we have given a name.Black Flame.In death we are all the same.Remain, Black flame. Burn, and let your soul be free, as the flames rise high and your spirit leaves.Nightmares have become too real, now the world is screaming and it’s hard to hear.Red stain on the blade, all sense of worth has been washed away.How could you be hollow?Now your life is doomed to sorrow.

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