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Die So Fluid - Comets

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'Comets' a song from the Die So Fluid album 'The Opposites of Light' (2014). Our new album 'One Bullet from Paradise' is due for release in late 2017. Pre-order a special limited edition, hand-numbered 2CD version now at: http://smarturl.it/onebulletparadise.

It includes a previously unreleased live album DRAW A LINE AND CROSS IT which we recorded in Tempe, Arizona & have been looking forward to releasing it ever since.

Jump on our mailing list and grab a free download - https://diesofluid.net/sign-up.

An HD in-house video featuring mix by Sylvia Massy and Ian Rickard. Filmed in Los Angeles on GoPro Hero 3.

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The rushing air thrills my skin.
I feel your heat and drink it in.
We're sculpture, we're Rodin's Kiss
and I could die like this.

All of my worries, all of my doubts,
they're nothing but road kill.
The wheels just spit them out.
Now we're a vessel for something good
I can be heard and understood.

I could make this last for days,
leave our lives, just ride away.
Nothing damaged can touch us here.
Our torments disappear.

All of my worries, all of my fears,
vapour trails in our slip stream,
shimmering in the heat.
Now we're a vessel for something good.
I can be heard and understood.
We're comets on the streets of Hollywood.

We can't stay here for very long.
We need to keep moving on.
Now that I know you are the one,
we'll ride straight into the sun.
The sun glints on the visor.
We don't check in the mirror.
Chrome shaped like a tear drop.
We're rolling and we don't stop.

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