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Metal Video
Metal Video
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Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Brandon Garrison

Tracked and produced by Brandon Garrison
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Wiseman


Did you really think that killing me
Would put and end to all
your suffering
I'll be the nail you be the coffin
Forever together

Forever lost
Forever trapped in here

There is no end in sight
Read your fucking book of lies and
hope for paradise
You can't even fathom
The pain I'll put you through

You will never wake up
And you'll be doomed to never dream again
So just fucking give up
Get your rope and tie a noose
This is your final chapter
Don't you dare back out
This is the only thing
We will ever do right

Damn I feel the presence of the
reaper getting closer the light is getting brighter again
Take me away from this eternal
loathing suffering
I want it to end
This is not who I was I need this part of me out

Your senses have betrayed you
Forever trapped in the dark
You and I are cursed to be alone
with nothing but our empty thoughts
Watch your endless hell unfold as we kick the chair from underneath


Don't take
Too long
When you're on the way down
I'll see you there
You'll know
True fear
Darkness consumed

(Endless encounters
with another kind
in my ear
from the other side)

We all fall down
into our deepest hells
my intuition
and now we're fueling the
fueling my new revolution
My god has fallen

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