DUSK - Karma Will Find You ft. Moe Steiger

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DUSK - Karma Will Find You [ft. Moe Steiger] (Official Music Video)
Album: DUSK - Spectrums (out February 17th)
Genre: Metalcore / Djent
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦




Dusk is a lead electric guitar player with experience of nearly 10 years in the music field, working in various music genres such as Metal, Rock, Hip-hop, Jazz, Soul, R&B, and EDM. Some of his musical influences are of the likes of Currents, Erra, Volumes, Led Zeppelin, Andy James, Buckethead, and many more.

Since 2020, he has been releasing his solo projects in metal subgenres like metalcore, djent, melodic metal, and progressive metal. Since its inception, Dusk has released two EPs “To Where I Belong” (2021) featuring guests Madani Zakri and Abdulrahman Elghazali and “Ascension” (2020) along with multiple singles.

In 2023, DUSk releases the first full length, an labrum featuring 12 tracks with many guests such as like Khalid C from local Saudi melodic death band Entropia, and Abdulrahman Elghazali (Featured in a previous EP To Where I Belong - “Fear Is The Thing They Desire”) to collaborating with international artists such as Aron Harris from the New York Death Metal based band Solemn Vision and the great “Jaani Peuhu” previously from the highly recognized band “Swallow The Sun” and his band “Lanai”. Vocals are also sung in many other languages like German, Finnish, and Arabic.

The debut album "Spectrums" is due out on February 17th, 2022.

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DUSK - Karma Will Find You ft. Moe Steiger (Official Music Video) Metalcore / Djent

Released in association with DUSK

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