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ESHTADUR - Umbra (Lyric Video)

6 Views· 09/14/23
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"UMBRA" New single, download & stream
at: https://bfan.link/eshtadur-umbra

Music & Lyrics by Jorg August
Mix & Master by Chris Clancy

Recorded with the Caldas Symphonic Orchestra
"Tiple Colombiano" by Jorg August

Translation to “Purhepecha” Ancient native language by Angelica Silva Aguilar
Orchestra recorded by SPL in Batuta’s Theater, Manizales, Colombia.
Video Visualizer by InSign media
Directed by David Argüello & Felipe Argüello.

And after the gloom, it all fell apart
It all ceased to be, everything ceased to be,

The mass of the greatest darkness silenced the void,
Deafened by the scandalous tribulation of a thousand suns,
The darkest silence erupted,

(verse) super novae in the entrails, stars of my burden,
The black star born and died,

Shadow of the mother and the children,
Times where no one lived,
Dead the stars, overshadowed god,

Revered the thunder, shadow of oblivion,
Revered the fire and the earth with no god,
Venerate the wind and the sky molten,
breathless sighs, voiceless words.

Ka t’atsïkua énka nóteru chúripka.
Iaminta ampe uekorhispti,
Iaminta ampe nóteru ampe jintespti, iaminta ampe nóteru jarhaspti,
K’uetsapiti ampe chúrikueni jasï p’inaskua jurajkuspti jima énka no ma ampe japka,
Pinaskua jarhaspti énka xáni no sési p’ikuarherani japka uánikua tata jurhiateecha.
P’inaskua énka xáni chúrinarhipka charaspti,
Jóskua énka kanikua xarharenka sankani sankani arhispti patakurhini, jóskua énka kanikua tsunapika,
Jóskua turhipinarhi xarhaspti ka uarhispti,
Náantimpa iontki anapu ka uajpeecha,
Ima jurhitikueecha énka no ne irekapka,
Jóskueecha iaminta uarhini, ka tata kuerajperi iaminta chúrintitaraspti,
Jananarhini charanchikuani, iontki énka mirikurhinaka ia
Jananarhini ch’pirini ka echeri énka no jaka tata kuerajperi,
Jananarhini tata tarhiatani ka nana echerini énkaksï kunkurhintaka,
K’arhanchintskua no ampe tarhiata jimpo, auntakueecha énka no ne uemuajka

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