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Fear Factory - Fear Campaign

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FEAR FACTORY - FEAR CAMPAIGN [Official Music Video (2010)]
Official Website: https://fearfactory.com / Official Store: http://www.FearFactoryMerch.com

Directed by Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci

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Fear Campaign is the first official music video from Fear Factory's album 'Mechanize'.

The music video was directed by the team of Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci for Boston-based, Emmy-nominated Killswitch Productions. It was filmed in Los Angeles with additional photographic elements and all post production completed in Boston.

In an interview with Revolver magazine, McFarland and Pecci revealed details about the video's themes and creation. "Burton is an extremely creative person and he had some very specific visuals in mind," says Pecci. "He said that he wanted to bombard the audience with rapid images that supported his lyrics. His direction was 'fast and intense with loads of subliminal images and symbols.' With that, Ian and I went to the drawing board and started our normal process of deconstructing an idea and rebuilding it from the ground up."

"Our goal was to make a video that was inspired by all those really cool stock footage, '90s music videos, but rather than using stock footage of the atrocities of the world, we decided to shrink those things down to single images and objects that can be identified as the tools used to create those problems," adds McFarland.

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