Fixation - Claustrophobic

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The official music video for Claustrophobic.

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Directed by Ulvar Gansum.

Written by Fixation.
Lyrics by Jonas Wesetrud Hansen.

Drums played by Ola Dønnem.

Recorded and performed by Fixation.
Drums recorded at Nabolaget Studios.
Drums engineered by Tobias Østerdal & Roar Nilsen.

Produced by Tobias Østerdal, Martin Stenstad Selen & Jonas Wesetrud Hansen.
Mixed by Tobias Østerdal.
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen.


It’s me against myself again.
I’m sinking lower than I’ve been.
I’m claustrophobic in my skin,
can only breathe if I give in.

And now I’m longing after you.
Like I’m addicted to playing this part.
It’s never done me any good.

‘Cause when it kicks in,
it feels like everyone is out to grab my throat.
And I know that it’s all make believe,
but I can’t control myself.
And I’m scared that when it’s taking over,
there’ll be nothing left of who I really am.

Running from myself,
I always end up getting caught.
It’s like there are two wolves trying to rip themselves apart.
Will I surrender to myself, then, if I let them starve?
There’s chaos in this structured mind.

‘Cause now I’m longing after you.
And I’m addicted to playing this part.
It’s never done me any good.

But then without you in my mind,
will I still be who I am?
‘Cause I don’t know who I am without it.

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