Glassing - Sulk

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'Dire and Sulk' coming August 26th on 7"/CS/Digital via Brutal Panda Records (Digital) / Medication Time (Physical)

Director: Matthew Harrington
Editor: Frank Huang
Audio Recorded & Mixed by Andrew Hernandez
Produced by Glassing & Andrew Hernandez

GLASSING unleash two new songs of sludgy, blackened fury on Dire and Sulk, their first recordings since 2021's critically acclaimed full-length Twin Dream.

Dire and Sulk showcases GLASSING at their most violent, chaotic state yet still provides moments of refined clarity and depressing beauty, further solidifying the Texas trio as architects of a new wave in heavy music.



I'm here to fail you forever
Once all that's good is leached and gone
Without a breath of hesitation
The sinking drag of our tether
A frail bond becomes the cost
To know the beauty in loss

Extinguished eyes
Come commiserate
In agonies name
We writhe

A covenant that'll never change
Nothing is lost if nothings saved
Adoring face of devastation
In misery's deathless devotion
Words are all I have left to hold on to
Let go

There's a lesson
Thread the needle
Love is worthless

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