Hatred Reigns - Awaken the Ancients

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Artist: Hatred Reigns
Album: Awaken The Ancients (2023)
Song: Awaken The Ancients (Official Video)
Music & Lyrics recorded by Hatred Reigns

Performed by: Hatred Reigns
Filmed by: Hatred Reigns
Video Production by: Neil Grandy

Available now via:
Bandcamp: HatredReigns.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hatredreignsband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hatredreigns/
Distrokid: https://distrokid.com/hyperfol....low/hatredreigns/awa


Plight of the tyrants, prevail over mankind
Deliberate confusion, manipulate the blind
Misfortunate souls, powerless and weak
Shepherd the cattle, through poetic speech

False deities parade before the meek
Upon their pulpits, they preach
Bound to the fate of your own direction
Progenies judged by their own discretion
A predetermined reckoned heresy

Ascendancy through salvation
To ensnare others in negation
Your eternity will be spent in damnation

Extreme factions revolt and retaliate
Exact tactical assaults to dominate
Erupting legions with molten disgust
Expelling the fury results in blood lust

Mislead, abandoned; we feel betrayed
Resulting in an imminent vehement response

Images of despair penetrate the mind
Your monolithic church; a vicarious daemon to find
Spewing scriptures of false erudition
Pressured to litany for lustration

Burned bodies lay glowing with red embers
As smoke scorches the skies unremembered
Mass graves are filled with the perished
As crucified martyrs remain admonished

Unwilling to adapt to this criterion
Constrained by the facade normalcy
Unable to resist the simulacrum
Consider the solve of antipathy

Trumpets sound, spirits abound
To bear witness, for breaking ground
Beckoned entities emanate translucently
Awaken the Ancients
The ability fractured to appear upon the surface
Abet the damned, hind condemnation
The transformation, beyond creation

To call unto thee
O shapeless specters
Evoked to rise; Arise!
Awaken the Ancients

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