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Ice Nine Kills - Your Number's Up (Cinematic Conclusion to The Silver Scream 1)

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We believe this newly unearthed evidence is not only the connective tissue between the original 'Silver Scream' and 'Welcome To Horrorwood', but also a breakthrough in establshing an additional motive in our ongoing investigation. - Captain Harris, LAPD

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Director: Eric Levin
Written by Spencer Charnas & Andrew Justin Smith
Editor: Myles Erfurth
Producer: Reanna Marth
Co-DP: Scott Keenan
AC: Calvin Laszakovits
Co-DP/Cam Op: Ambrose Eng
Gaffer: Joel Wolter
Grip/PA: Dave Azoulay
Sound: Sasha Larco
SFX MUA: Chelsea Paige
Gore FX: Britany Fontaine
Sound Design & Orchestration: Joe Occhiuti
Open INK Title by Mike Cortada
Opening Desktop Graphics by Matthew Collamore

2nd Unit Los Angeles
Director: Myles Erfurth
DP: Andres Ramirez
PA: Santi Alfonso
Body Double: Alexandra Paige

Spencer Charnas: Himself
Nurse Casey: Amanda Soucy
Voice of Mother: Jess Sasso
Roy Merkin: Andrew Justin Smith

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