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FLASH WARNING: this video can potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

From our debut "Covered in Dust", released this summer.
Order it here: http://kapitur.bandcamp.com
Stream it here: https://tr.ee/TTAP02Wq4P

This video is a collaborative effort between Bruna Wanderley, Andres Arango, Sam Neumann, and Tyler Addey-Jibb. Filmed between Canada and Brazil with the help of close friends and family. Edited by Ben Tonkin in the UK.

Nature Morte owes to the ferocity of artists like Jarboe and Myrkur. The song speaks of post-trauma disembodiment, the feeling of dissociating from your body and emotions in order to cope.

Lyrics: I look though a veil clouds my sight / Pretend to hear though clay fills my ears / Ramble free from where / The path is blunt, the drifted fall through // Only an angel can turn against god / Playing with shadows, disturbed by a bleak thought / What to seek when the vision is blind? / A helpless shadow bearing the scorns of time // Hear me / See me / Free me / I am escapeless, I am you.

About "Covered in Dust": Thematically, the EP speaks from personal experience. Inspired by the intrinsical struggles of exile, relationship trauma, and the safe space found in sci-fi literature, the album travels through wonder, solitude, and disillusionment. The existential themes are metaphors for the process of leaving one’s own homeland, failing to adapt, and making someone else your home to then yearn for salvation. The music moves from bleak cacophony to comforting melodies played on the cello, with warm, sorrowful tones that take you on an individual journey in a timeless space. A soul-burning amalgamation of chaos and beauty that unfolds an atmosphere and pace that allows for the coexistence of tranquility and despair.

Kapitur formed in Montreal in 2022 as the offspring of a classical cellist who, with empowering rage, aims to reclaim an identity shut by oppressive religious doctrines, social norms of gender, ruthless relationships, and exile. With a lineup revealing of their diverse backgrounds, the band shares members with Spectral Wound, Massive Scar Era, Ratpiss, and more. "Covered in Dust" was mixed at Machines With Magnets by Seth Manchester, notably known for his work with Lingua Ignota, Big Brave, and The Body.

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