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Omega Infinity - To The Stars (Visualizer)

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Listen to the new track 'To The Stars' of Void Metal outfit OMEGA INFINITY. The song is taken from the new album "The Anticurrent" which will be released on February 24, 2023.

The appeal to move (forward) and adapt in order to survive in an universe that constantly de-constructs and rebuild itself.

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“The Anticurrent” unleashed a very different view of The Void unto the listener. Rather than the blackness of space, the second album explores Time: From the Big Bang and the chaotic birth of the universe, the album’s focus moves through the rise and fall of human civilisation, while zooming back out to a cosmic scale to witness the inevitable end of the universe in the menacing finale.

Video conceived, produced and edited by: Tentakel P.

Mix by Tentakel P. At Deep Void Studios
Master by Markus Stock/ Klangschmiede E

Omega Infinity are:
Xenoyr – Screams and growls
Tentakel P.: Everything else

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We are drained
Journey onward, onward
Let us journey
To the stars
The light flared vast

So little time
So much to do
Let us journey
To the stars

Time judges mercilessly
Chaos strikes like
The wings of a butterfly

Current of plurality
Crackling with energy
Sparks planets into the multiverse

We are drained
Journey onward, onward
We course
To the stars
The light flared vast

Let us journey
To the stars
Where we can live

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