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ROCKIN' ENGINE - Carnival Of Evil

9 Views· 08/26/23
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ROCKIN' ENGINE is proud to present the result of an incredible collaborative effort, once again, with Dark Moon Productions and Light Is Art studio. "Carnival Of Evil" was inspired by the works of Rob Zombie, more specifically Sid Haig’s fictional character Captain Spaulding. The Carnival Of Evil are a group of creepy gypsy looking psychopathic killers moving from town to town, not only to amuse the audiences, but also to terrorize them as their spectacles take place. They are ruthless yet charismatic, and they will stop at nothing to deliver a performance to die for!

There are no words to express how thankful we are for the amazing work of our actors in this video. it was an absolute pleasure and honour to work with all of them. Here they are in order of appearance, including the band members:

Steve O Leff, Susan Thompson, Jean-Pierre Proulx, Claudel Hebert, François Proulx, Adge Mackenzie, Ste Vy Leff, Mikaël Lefebvre, Cole Brannen, Derek Dear, Kyle Stacey, Jake Lefebvre, Rachel Hebert, Liam Fullerton, Renée Lebel, Alissa-Jade Lefebvre, Mark Davis, Nick Proulx, Adam Lefebvre, Miguel Di Cola, Natalie Hebert, Joel Bilodeau and Genny Glass.

Another amazing thank you to Rob Lynch, owner of Light Is Art studio in Ottawa, for letting us use the studio as we pleased and for his amazing expertise, and also to Liam Fullerton for his outstanding lighting magic throughout the video. Check them out here:

This project wouldn't be as awesome as it is without the outstanding work of Joe Lyko and Lisa Thompson from Dark Moon Productions. Their professionalism and outstanding work ethics make every image in your head come to reality. They thrive on pushing themselves in everything they do and their work is proof of how successful they've become. Check them out here:

And last but not least, thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the creation of this memorable project! To our families, our friends and our fans, you are the heart and soul of our success and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Music video for "Monsters Under Your Bed"

Lyric video for "Room 185" featuring Stef Jomphe of INSURRECTION

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