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ROCKIN’ ENGINE - "Monsters Under Your Bed" - Official Music Video

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ROCKIN' ENGINE is proud to present the result of an amazing collaborative effort with Dark Moon Productions and Light Is Art studio. Monsters Under Your Bed was a very challenging project. Musically, we wanted people to hear the evolution in our style, with a rhythmic introduction and heart pounding riffs, to melodic choruses that keep playing in your head over and over again. The main inspiration for the lyrics was the storyline of Wes Craven’s Nightmare On Elm Street. So visually, we wanted to recreate our own version of certain scenes in the movie and make the cinematic experience as big as possible.

A huge thank you to Véronique St-Jacques for playing the role of the young traumatized woman in our video. She is the owner of Bastard Productions and was kind enough to scream her guts out during the shoot! Please check out her management company here:

Another amazing thank you to Rob Lynch, owner of Light Is Art studio in Ottawa, for letting us use the studio as we pleased and for his amazing expertise, and also to Liam Fullerton for his outstanding lighting magic throughout the video. Check them out here:

This project wouldn't be as awesome as it is without the outstanding work of Joe Lyko and Lisa Thompson from Dark Moon Productions. Their professionalism and outstanding work ethics make every image in your head come to reality. They thrive on pushing themselves in everything they do and their work is proof of how successful they've become. Check them out here:

And last but not least, thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the creation of this monster! To our families, our friends and our fans, you are the heart and soul of our success and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Check out our video for "LET IT BURN" here:

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