Steelheart - We All Die Young

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Metal Video
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“Matijevic’s vocals are …INSANE… His voice ascends to the heavens, waving
goodbye to Rob Halford, Sebastian Bach and every other metal shrieker.”

Miljenko Matijević (aka STEELHEART) is a world-class vocalist who has performed as lead singer for the DOORS and as the voice for the ‘fictional’ rock band STEEL DRAGON from the film ROCK STAR (starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston). With 30 years of hit songs and world-traversing tours under his belt, Matijević is releasing the single “We All Die Young” (the song Wahlberg lip-synced in the film) on September 27 as part of a STEELHEART 30th Anniversary album to close out 2022.

SteelHeart RecordsProductions.
Directed By - Miljenko Matijevic
Edited By - Gabb Productions
Director of Photography - Jay Ruggrieri

Special Thanks To: Mick Davis, Marco @ Horse Latitude Studios, Robby Krieger

From the SteelHeart'S album 30th Anniversary Album
We All Die Young - (Full Version)
iTunes -

We All Die Young - (Full Version)

We All Die Young (Radio Edit) -
iTunes -

We All Die Young (Radio Edit)

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Written By: Miljenko Matijevic & Kenny Kanowski


Miljenko Matijevic - Vocals
Kenny Kanowski - Guitars
Alex Makerovich - Drums
Vincent Mele - Bass

SteelHeart Records LLC.

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Miljenko Matijevic

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