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Tarah Who? Feat. Laura Chevalier - Royal Knight

13 Views· 12/15/22
Metal Video
In Punk

Label : M & O Music – http://www.m-o-music.com​​
Promotion by M & O Office – http://www.m-o-office.com and Angela Dufin www.nrvpromotion.com​​
All rights reserved, Kurukulla Records & Publishing.

Tarah Who? is: @tarahwho
Tarah G. Carpenter: Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bass
Coralie Herve: Drums
Jason Orme: Guitar
Featuring: Laura Chevalier @laura.chevalier.lamu

Mixed by: Norm Block
Mastered by: Doug Krebs
Produced by: Tarah G. Carpenter and Jason Orme.

Cast in order of appearance:

Dark Knight (the witness of what is happening in the world): Ylies Hoang
Savior of lost souls (the new generation): Maude Abinun
La solitude: Jess Lordi
Couple 1:
La boniche et le glandeur:
Antoine Abinun
Anne Lupieri
Couple 2:
La violence domestique:
Aurélie Debelvalet
Angie Joseph
Couple 3:
L’enfermée: Rasa Darguzyte
Screen addict: François Hoang

Bertille Friderich
Jean Friderich

Make Up:
Jess Lordi
Pauline Bancquart

Javier Caudillo

Tarah G. Carpenter

Director of Photography:
Alex Ochoa

Alex Ochoa

Château de Martreil
Patrick et Hélène de Romans.


I’m alone in my room and depressed
I haven't seen or touched a soul for months.
It’s a bit dark, you are in my thoughts
doesn’t it feel so that the world needs to
oh, we’ve been taking it all for granted, my dear
How did you choose to spend this time?
Your so precious time
The world is making a return
And we are given a new chance
No one wants to come back
Doors are now open
It all has been reset
What do you want to do next?
We whine ‘bout the time we don’t have Excuses, excuses. {whisper}
Locked up with your better half? Are they still the one?
How about those worldwide feminicide?
Let’s talk about it
Why don’t we talk about it?
Let’s call it how it is
How did we get this far?
intimidating isn’t it to face yourself.
Did she really deserve it?

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