VAK - Loud Wind

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New single out now:
"Loud Wind" is the title track and the first song on the coming new album, due August 2019.

VAK is back from the dead! During 2018, one member turned gravely ill from Lemierre’s syndrome and a thrombose in the head. There was little hope, anything could happen, but fortunately he recovered and VAK are back from the dead with their new album “Loud Wind”! The music from the Swedes in VAK is hard to grasp. They combine aggressive melodies with precise and potent rock experiments. “Loud Wind” is mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna).

The title track lyrics address a loosely organized network of rebel groups gathering to encounter in an uprising, which the power in charge only will experience as a forceful loud wind. The music is equally forceful and rebellious.


We gathered at dusk
Arriving in small groups
Silent but euphoric
Knowing what’s at stake
Knowing now’s the time

Light packing and light mind
Synchronize the waves
Need for concentration
Don’t listen to the trees

One last look for you
End sounds like loud wind

It took us so long
Just one more night
Then weapons will be used
We can’t wait no longer
We won’t grow any stronger

A team without names
Anonymous but friends
We brought what we could summon up
The way out of the woods

One last look for you
End sounds like loud wind

Taking turns and turning it around
This time it is your turn to be on watch
Don’t look into the light
Collecting all the things that we need
For tomorrow and for tonight
We must not be too loud
We walk together in loose formations
We are ahead ourselves but in time
In time with the cold air

One last look for you
End sounds like loud wind

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