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Chelsea Wolfe's Whispers In The Echo Chamber
Written and Directed by George Gallardo Kattah

"Whispers In The Echo Chamber" out now: https://i.chelseawolfe.com/WITEC
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Cast: Chelsea Wolfe & Medúlla
DP / Editor : George Gallardo Kattah
Executive Producers : Duván Duque, George Gallardo Kattah
Produced by: Continente Pictures
Production Manager: Sarah Casson
Producer: Duván Duque
AD : Mauricio Barriga
Production Designer : Daniela Franco
Art Coordinator : Manuel Baquero
Construction Coordinator : Jhon Sánchez
Construction Assistant: Jhonathan Osorio
Art Assistant : José Luis Julián González, Jeferson Javier Botia Gaona

Costume Designer for Chelsea Wolfe: Jenni Hensler
Costumes Assistant: Adriana Kanal
Hair & Make Up: Laura Cadena
Costume Designers for Medúlla: Daniela Franco, Alice Medúlla
Accessories and Brick Shoes for Medúlla: Adriana Kanal (KNL Performance Clothing)
Braided Skirt for Medúlla: Shirlene Malambo (Peinado e’ Coco)

1st AC: David Olmos
2nd AC: Thomas Vargas
Data manager: Daniel Londoño

Bogotá Unit:

Gaffer: Hernán “Gato” Jaramillo Quintero
Best Boy : Miguel Ángel Gamba Beltrán
Electrician: Carlos Andrés Quiroga
Light Assistants : Oscar Orlando Donoso Cordoba, Jorge Andrés Orrego González,
Brayan Camilo Heredia Cárdenas, Wilmer Alexis Peña Alarcón

Chingaza Unit:
Gaffer: Jahwar
Best Boy: Javier Castro
Light Assistant: Fernando Bolivar

BTS: Nicolás Sandino Moreno

Colorist: Laura Imery

Pre Producers: Laura Pisciotti, Alvaro Manrique (El Ciclón Films)
PA’s: Guiselle Buzon, Ronald Manrique, Ariel Ponton, Faber Marin

Drivers: Cristobal Samaca, Wilson Sabogal, Carlos Rengifo, David Junco
Catering: Francisco Roman, David Bohoequez, Guillermo Escobar, Aleja
Sanitation: Indira Rey Cárdenas, John Harold Marin
Security: Fredy Sagayo, Ilder Chambo


whispers in the echo chamber of my mind
in the void they come alive and intertwine
in the void I saw all I ever wanted
beyond reality, beyond the binary

bathing in the blood of who I used to be
offering up all my imperfect offerings
become my own fantasy
twist the old self into poetry

cut the cords
cut ties
to yours

this world was not designed for us
and I’ve been punished, I’ve been blessed
surrounded by living ghosts, you see
I thought I had to swallow them before they swallowed me
but you only know the one I’ve been
I’ve shed a thousand skins since then
a curse upon the monster of more
that shit does not define me anymore

cut the cords
cut ties
to yours

cut the cords
cut ties
to yours

I’m done
cut the cords
cut ties
to yours

more, more, more, more, more,
more, more, more, more, more,
more, more, more, more, more,
more, more, more, more,

Music Credits:

Produced by Dave Sitek
Mixed by Shawn Everett
Engineered by Derek Coburn
Mastered by Heba Kadry
Vocals/Lyrics: Chelsea Wolfe
Programming/synths: Ben Chisholm
Guitar: Bryan Tulao
Drums: Jess Gowrie

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