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馃幐馃敟 Get ready to be blown away by the sheer metal mastery of KK's Priest at Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2023! Witness the legends in action as they took the Ronnie James Dio Stage by storm on August 13th, serving as the awe-inspiring Special Guests right before the mighty Megadeth.

馃専 About KK's Priest:
KK's Priest, featuring the legendary K.K. Downing, has been a force of nature in the metal realm, continuing the legacy of heavy metal with their blistering solos and monumental riffs. Their appearance at Bloodstock 2023 was more than just a performance; it was a historic event that celebrated the spirit of metal embodied by the late, great Ronnie James Dio.

馃 The Performance:
Every chord struck and every note sung was a tribute to the timeless essence of heavy metal. The crowd was treated to an array of powerful tracks, each echoing the band's dedication to their craft and their fans. The synergy between the band members on stage was palpable, creating an electrifying atmosphere that resonated throughout the festival grounds.

馃幎 Setlist Extravaganza:
00:04 Intro
00:05 Hellfire Thunderbolt
06:25 One More Shot at Glory
11:30 The Ripper
14:48 Reap The Whirlwind
18:39 Night Crawler
24:46 Sermons of The Sinner
30:29 Burn In Hell
36:20 Beyond the Realms of Death
44:20 Hell Patrol
48:45 Brothers of the Road
52:35 The Green Manalishi
57:00 Breaking the Law
1:00:07 Victim of Changes

We want to hear from you! Share your memories from KK's Priest's electrifying performance at Bloodstock 2023. Which track did they play that you can't get out of your head? What moment from their set will you tell your grandkids about? Comment below with your stories, shout outs, and tributes to the metal gods!

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Ronnie James Dio Stage