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“Exorcism” continues Belle Morte’s international collaborative series and takes listeners on a journey far East, to the grassy steppe of Mongolia. This single features a traditional Mongolian bowed stringed instrument called mornin khuur and khuumei (throat singing), both performed by Ulziisaihan Horoldamba.

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Belle Morte is a musical project from Belarus, Minsk, playing dark symphonic metal with a gothic/progressive flavor and melancholic vibe.

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You’re my darkest secret
No one knows I keep it
In a well secured place
None to witness my disgrace
You’re my guilty pleasure
Diabolic obsession
Always keeping me subdued
Deepening my solitude

Pain in temples so agonizing
Voices in my head mesmerizing
Air so stifling I cannot breath
I let this darkness devour me
I feel my conscious is slowly fading
Thoughts of you so intoxicating
I have nothing left to hold on
Paralyzed and bewitched till dawn

I need an exorcism
To rip you out of me
Consumed by this chasm within
Power so frightening
I need an exorcism
Some kind of ritual
Your words carved into my skin
No one to save me now
I feel you’re taking over
My will can no longer fight you

Awe and sweetness blending
When we start descending
Though your light illuminates
Darkest shadows it creates
In this wicked gamble
You’re my poison apple
Every bite is killing me
Though the taste is heavenly


The darkest hour comes before the dawn
I’m closing my eyes waiting for the light


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