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"Electric (Rage)" shows Ghost in the Machine hasn't forgotten where they've come from. Reworking their 1999 hit and fan favorite "Electric (Rave)", "Electric (Rage)" is maniacal and amplifies the original intensity. The angst filled Industrial electronic anthem is updated with modern production and leans into #cybergoth and #cyberpunk with its high-tech energy and #dystopian #futuristic vibe.

The video is a visualizer at its core. Images morph and swirl on the screen, creating a disorienting effect. Electricity and lightning dance across the screen, adding to the sense of chaos and energy.

"Electric (Rage)" is filled with angst, reflecting the dark and dystopian future that the song envisions. The song is a call to arms, urging listeners to rage with the machine for a better future.

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Electric (Rage)
Electric Rodeo
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