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Official music video for @gatecreeper9467's new single 'Caught in the Treads', out now on all platforms: https://gatecreeper.bfan.link/CITT.yde

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Footage shot by Gatecreeper and Friends
Edited by Seth Ponzo

Possessed by the deceased
Bloodshed will set us free
Past battles lost fuel the machines

Through smoke and the flames
Scanning for targets below
Light drains from the night as fortifications collapse

Grooves in the soil
We ride in the iron beast
Lost fallen souls trapped in the steel

Fields of the dead lay at our feet
War torn skies are bleeding red
Tanks roll on forever
All thats left behind are enemies caught in the treads

Crushing their bones as the tanks roll on
One by one

Time will tell tales of glory
All thats left behind are enemies caught in the treads

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