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From the upcoming album 'KARMA' (February 2nd, 2024)
Access it here: https://myrath.lnk.to/Karma
Listen to "Child Of Prophecy": https://myrath.lnk.to/ChildOfProphecy
Merch: https://shop.myrath.com/fr/25-nouveautes

“Child of Prophecy” paints a vivid narrative of a world at the precipice of change, where a child of prophecy emerges as a beacon of hope amid encroaching darkness.
Directed by Michail Sedov, the music video was shot on September 13th, 2023 during the band’s sold-out show at Carthage in their home country Tunesia.

On the wind, a whispering
Hear the word of warning sing
Heed the voices calling from the past
Comes a child of prophecy
Born to all and bound to lead
Holding high a beacon in the black, at last

Following the dark, here now the one to guide us
Offer up your heart and shield your eyes
All the world is set alight
Fan the flame, ignite the fire
Feed the blazing pyre of our arrival
See our survival

Here we stand in the light
For the future we rise
As one we remain in the fight
As one we will chase out the night
Here we stand in the light

Emboldened by our victories
Cast aside the boundaries
Waken in the child a rage so bright

As we defy the lines and turn to hollow
Shadows of ourselves, refuse to follow
Wither away the roads that we created to fly
Have we lost all sight

Here we stand in the light
For the future we rise
As one we stay in the fight
As one we chase out the night
Here we stand in the light

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