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The first single 'The Harbinger' taken from the upcoming EP Gates Of Hell due to be released later in 2024 via Inverse Records.

Listen on Streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/the-harbinger-hollow

Recorded by Arto Kujala
Mixed by Arto Kujala
Mastered by Saku Moilanen, Deep Noise Studios
Music video by - Aku Rundberg, Aku Rundberg Photography
Model - Miia Hyppönen

“Follow me to where it all began”
A shrouded path to a better place?
From torment to bliss through void of emotions
Leaking through the gates of hell
all colours blur and fade away
Moth trapped in a monochrome cell
I only seek a way out

What do you want of me?
Let me escape these dreams!

“Follow me to where we all are none”
This hopeless path out of time and space
From nightmares into this total lack of sensation
I peak through the gates and see nothing's changed
for better
Nothing changed
I'll never escape this place
Leave me alone, my demons
I'm too hollow to sink in my despair
Condemned to live dreaming awake
I hide the light I hold inside

#theharbinger #hollow #inverserecords #doomdeathmetal