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The official music video for Korpiklaani's new single "Gotta Go Home", out now.
Listen here: https://korpiklaani.bfan.link/gotta-go-home

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Upcoming live shows
2023.11.24 - São Paulo, BR
2023.11.25 - Porto Alegre, BR
2023.11.26 - Rio de Janeiro, BR
2023.11.28 - Buenos Aires, AR
2023.11.30 - Santiago, CL
2024.06.27-30 - Hellfest, FR
2024.07.28 - 08.03 - Metaldays, SI
2024.08.08-11 - Bloodstock, UK
2024.08.09-11 - Alcatraz, BE
2024.08.14-17 - Summer Breeze, DE
2024.08.15-17 - Rock Castle, CZ
2024.08.23-25 - Milagre Metaleiro, PT

Directed by Miika Hakala
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Metal Video
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Guitarist Rick Renstrom, renowned for his prowess in neoclassical and heavy metal, has collaborated with vocalist Susy Eskarlett, bassist Stephen Elder(Rob Rock, Leash Law), drummer Omar El Hassak, and guitarist Bill Hall to craft a powerful tribute to Chastain's iconic track "The Wicked Are Restless." Renstrom's virtuosic guitar work, characterized by lightning-fast runs and intricate melodies, forms the foundation for this collaboration. Eskarlett's dynamic vocals breathe new life into the song, capturing the essence of Leather Leone's original performance while adding her own unique flair.

The rhythm section, anchored by Elder's thunderous bass lines and El Hassak's precision on the drums, provides a solid foundation for the sonic tapestry. Bill Hall's guitar guest solos contribute to the overall richness of the tribute, paying homage to the classic Chastain sound. This electrifying rendition of "The Wicked Are Restless" is further enhanced by the skilled hands of James Fox, who meticulously mixed and mastered the track at JFXM Studios. Fox's expertise ensures that the nuances of each instrument shine through, elevating the tribute to a level of sonic excellence that befits the legacy of Chastain in the realm of heavy metal.

Chastain Official Website:

Links to the Musicians in the video:
Susy Eskarlett

Stephen Elder:

Bill Hall

Omar El Hassak

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I've told you all the things that nobody knows
This part of me is where you'll grow
No rest for you, a trial to see
They have come here with me
The wicked are restless, they're calling out for you
The wicked are restless, they have to have you
They've conquered my boundaries of firm disbelief
Stuck me to the wall, life's so brief
They smiled in waiting, offering a hand
They seem to know just where you stand
The wicked are watching, they're waiting just for you
The wicked are watching, they're planning for you
So stand tall
Don't take the fall
If you're against fate
The wicked wants one and all
You think you're ready to stand your own ground
They stalked you, your secrets they've found
Their power is endless, controlled by the sea
Now you will become me
The wicked are restless, thet're calling out for you
The wicked are restless, they want you, they rule
In the deep of the night they wil send for you
The wicked are restless, they have to have you

Copyright 1987/2023 David T. Chastain

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