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This video was directed by Rainer Wolf from the Wolffilms Academy (www.wolffilms.de) @wolffilms_de

„Let the Dragons Fly Forever“ performed by Silent Revenants
„Let the Dragons Fly Forever“ was written and composed by Julian Kirschbaum
The Song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Carsten Hölscher at Nightsky Studio (www.nightsky-music.de)

Check out: www.silent-revenants.de
Find them on social media:
Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/SilentRevenantsSpotify

Special guest in this music video was the actor Tommy Kas Hana (please check him out on https://www.instagram.com/teglat_act

Silent Revenants are:
Denise Schlahn - Vocals
Marina Grave - Keys
Hermann Remmers - Bass, Growls
Elora Dönnebrink - Violins
Julian Kirschbaum - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Robbert Geurts - Drums


The old stories of love, loss, and bravery
are just as lost in dusty attics as the ashes of your memories
You promised once to live the tale you loved so much
Be the fearless fool whose dreams are still untouched
Let the dragons rise
Your Imagination
see the beauty in the sky

Let the dragons fly forever
Kings of imagined skies
A splendid sight that makes me shiver
A Dream that never dies
Fly with the dragons now or never
Reach the imagined sky
On glistening wings, we ride together
Don’t let your fading visions die

When did we start to forget the magic more and more
Which brought us to places where no one has been before?
We can’t turn back time to rewrite the melody
But we can live on dreams and childlike fantasy
Let the dragons rise
Your Imagination
see the beauty in the sky


Burn, burn, burn down the sickness of your heart


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