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Order the album 'Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation': https://silverburnmusic.bandca....mp.com/album/self-in

The official music video for 'Formless Atomization Of Omniscient Particulate' from the debut album from Jimbob Isaac releases 11th August 2023 via MSH Music Group. Silverburn is the solo project of James ‘Jimbob’ Isaac. The Welsh metal visionary began this journey during the cruel lockdown winter of 2020. With this album, Isaac has meticulously crafted a wholly uncompromising solo offering in the truest sense. Spirit Metal, Quantum Thrash, Metaphysical Post-sludgecore… call it what you will, this album takes zero prisoners.

"This solo project from James 'Jimbob' Isaac is a tribute to the frenetic, arebic mathcore kings of the early 00s. Underlining his multi-instrumental skills, it's Jimbob's aptitude for wrecking ball riffs"
- Adam Brennan / Metal Hammer

"This, in fact, Isaac at the heaviest he's ever been. A more angular and skronkified version of his modus oprenandi, it's a dive into the metalcore that had its heyday around the new millennium combined with his pulverising, tar-drenched aesthetics"
- Shane Mehling / Decibel Magazine


James ‘Jimbob’ Isaac - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, all songs, co-producer

Gethin Pearson - Recording engineer, co-producer, mix engineer

Grant Berry/Fader Mastering - Mastering

Record label - MSH Music Group

Artwork/multimedia - Jimbob Isaac

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