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'Unholy Deification' is out August 25 on CD/LP/CS/Digital.

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Incantation “Invocation (Chthonic Merge) X” Video Credits:

Video by The C.O.I.N. https://www.thecoinlives.com/

Director: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak
Assistant Director: Brian Sheehan
Director of Photography: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak
Additional Cinematography: Brian Sheehan & Kamil Antos
Gaff: Kamil Antos, Evan Antos & Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak
Editors: Brian Sheehan & Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak
Location Supervisors: Reginald Tiessen, Lizzy Graham & Christopher Moeller
Makeup Artist: Brian Sheehan
Stylists: Brian Sheehan & Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak
Prop Masters: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak, Brian Sheehan & Kamil Antos
Production Assistants: Kamil Antos & Evan Antos

Aron Drakulya, Nevin Morgan, Katherine Davis, Sara Elizabeth, Emily Reppert, Jaclyn Schwanik & Kamil Antos as The Shamans
Anthony Maceratini as The Scholar
Incantation as Themselves