Blackbraid - The Spirit Returns

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Country: United States | Year: 2023 | Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Track from the upcoming second full-length 'Blackbraid II'. To be self-released on July 7th, 2023.
Blackbraid is a Native American Black Metal solo project hailing from the Adirondack Mountains.

- Blackbraid -

01. Autumnal Hearts Ablaze
02. The Spirit Returns
03. The Wolf That Guides the Hunters Hand
04. Spells of Moon and Earth
05. Moss Covered Bones on the Altar of the Moon
06. A Song of Death on Winds of Dawn
07. Celestial Passage
08. Twilight Hymn of Ancient Blood
09. Sadness and the Passage of Time and Memory
10. A Fine Day to Die (Bathory cover)

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