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Second single off of the upcoming LP 'Escape From New York', out on Fanxdangxo Records on CD and streaming 12.1.23. Pre-order here:

Rooted in hardcore punk and rock and roll, "Escape" is steeped in influences across the spectrum of extreme music - modern hardcore, death metal, grindcore, powerviolence, and beyond - while embracing the art of songcraft with rabid earworms strewn throughout.

"Escape" is a step up from the songwriting and production on the band's debut effort "Facemask City" (Jan. 2022) - the new songs maintain the raw feedback-laden attack seen on the first release, but hone their white-knuckle approach to writing and contain a more diverse array on influences in extreme music.

At its core, Cash Bribe takes a lot of influence from hardcore progenitors Black Flag, particularly the band's Rollins-era run of classic records in the early-to-mid 80s. However, the band incorporates more modern influences as part of its approach - creating unsubtle rock and roll for today by mixing the most visceral elements of underground heavy music into a loud and vitriolic "fuck you" to the normalized rot consuming Western culture, the creeping fascism of fundamentalist idealogues, and the horrors of oligarchy on a melting planet.

Cash Bribe was formed in Brooklyn in 2019 by Kirk, Larry, and a friend named Colin on bass - this early lineup recorded and released the debut lockdown-era EP "Facemask City" in January 2022. The new release "Escape From New York" unveils Cash Bribe's complete 4-piece lineup with Kirk on guitar, Larry on drums, Joe on vocals, and Brian on bass.

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