Devourer - The Wicked Ones

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The music video single 'The Wicked Ones' was taken from the swedish black death metal band Devourer's upcoming new album. The new album is the fifth full-length album in the band's two-decades-long history and will be released in 2024.
Oksana Falk played the bass guitar on the previous Devourer album 'Raptus' released in 2022, but after Fredrik Håf left the band in 2023, she's now also the vocalist of Devourer.
The last three albums were released by Iron, Blood & Death Corporation, but Devourer is not signed to any label.

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Devourer is:
Oksana Falk - Vocals and bass
John Falk - Guitars, drums and production

The Wicked Ones

The ancestors of barbarous scums
The heirs of the wicked ones

The sapless cluster of spiders creeping through the cracks in the skin
Makes the phantasms to shudder and wake up from a nightmare
The nocturnal scream of inchoate turmoil that comes from within
Shatter against the silence and freeze up in the air

The wicked ones - Wrath of the dead

How do you sleep in your cosy tomb?
What is it the deceased dream about?
Your only wish was being laid to rest in the gloom
With no mortal bullshit pulling you out

Behind closed eyes is where the horror begins
Dark thoughts are growling and spreading like a thousand ants
This is a war where nobody wins
There will be none but us, the spawn of the wicked ones

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