Endseeker - Violence Is Gold

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New single from Endseeker's upcoming album, "Global Worming" out October 27th!
Working once again with esteemed engineer and mixing maestro Eike Freese, Endseeker hit the studio like a nailbomb in a graveyard. The result is "Global Worming" - both the Germans' finest creation to date and a pulverising new template for old school death metal. These nine new songs remain rooted in Endseeker's beloved bedrock of DISMEMBER-style savagery, but from the slithering monstrosity of the opening title track and the ultra-catchy stab 'n' stomp of Hell Is Here, to the neck-wrecking madness of Our Only Life and the epic grandiloquence of closer Nemesis, Global Worming is an unusually vivid and versatile piece of work.

"I guess our main goal was to write a record that was at least as good as Mount Carcass and to follow the path we have set with that record even further," says Ben. "We wanted the songwriting to be more on point while at the same time to be a bit wider when it comes to the boundaries of the death metal genre. We wanted the songs not only to be heavy and brutal but also to have a certain atmosphere to give them real depth."

Lenny: Vocals
Ben: Guitar
Jury: Guitar
Kummer: Drums
Eggert: Bass

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Fight sequences directed and shot by Michael Jari Davidson www.michaeljaridavidson.com IG @MJD_DOP

Featuring Diego Avendaño and Taj Gordon

Produced by Dallas Dyer and Dave Alexander

Band performance directed and filmed by Ben Liepelt.
Additional camera by Lennart Osterhus

Edited by Ben Liepelt

Blood and gore, screams and cries
Tortured souls, world’s demise
Violence seems to be the only way

No remorse and no regret
We won’t forgive, we won’t forget
Suffering, the price you have to pay

Mutilation, domination
The fist a tool of mind castration
The end of the rope of morality

Diplomacy in submission
Another job for the mortician
A conversation in brutality

Words are silver
Violence is gold
When all is said, but nothing’s done
Violence unfolds

Deafening amount of talk
The challenge is to walk the walk
Another braggart silenced by force

No more talking
Time to fight
Victory in sight

Words are silver
Violence is gold
When all is said, but nothing’s done
Violence unfolds

Violence, the only way
To satisfy our primal rage
In this world of cruelty and hate
We are the masters of our fate

The taste of victory, the stench of defeat
The glory of battle, the thrill of the street
Blood on the ground, scars on the flesh
The thrill of the fight, the ultimate test

Words are silver
Violence is gold
When all is said, but nothing’s done
Violence unfolds

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