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FRENZY - Spectre of Love

64 Views· 06/27/23
Metal Video
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Official video-clip taken from the 2nd album "Of Hoods and Masks" to be released on CD/12"LP on 20th of April 2023 through Fighter Records (http://www.fighter-records.com)

Chapter 3: Spectre of Love

It’s safe here on Mars. I feel better since I left Earth, there was so much noise, hate, violence, war… it just overshadowed everything else.

But I still miss her though.

It’s strange, 'cause time is not the same for me, we’re still together and at the same time, we’re not. I shouldn’t feel so blue, I always knew it would end, that I would disappoint her, make her cry… but it’s the way it goes.

That guy really messed with my mind, he was able to hide from my perception and I just couldn’t stop his crazy plan… as a result millions died.

But here’s the thing, is earth much better or worse now? Will something ever stop them from killing themselves? Isn’t self extermination their ultimate fate?

Honestly, from here it looks quite the same… I’m confused, I’m sick and I'm tired of getting trapped up in their tangled lives.

To be continued…

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