Haystack - Doomsday Goes Away

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Metal Video
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Experience the raw and unfiltered sound of Haystack in their official music video for "Doomsday Goes Away." Recorded live at Studio Underjord, October 3, 2023, this video captures the essence of the band's dynamic performance.

"Doomsday Goes Away" is more than a song; it's an embodiment of Haystack's commitment to authentic, no-nonsense rock. With Ulf Cederlund's powerful vocals, Jonas Lundberg's intense drumming, and Patrik Thorngren's deep bass lines, this track is a journey through the realms of twisted rock and raw energy.

From the upcoming album 'Doomsday Goes Away,' releasing February 9, 2024. Pre-order now: [https://orcd.co/album-doomsday....](https://orcd.co/al

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