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Locked In A Vacancy - ...of Church and State

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Metal Video
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Locked In A Vacancy - "...of Church and State" (Official Music Video)
2nd single off the "...Before The Dawn" EP
Available now on Fuzz Therapy Records - https://fuzztherapyrecords.com/

Filmed and Edited by Brett Miller
Additional Editing by Scott Schmidt
All music and lyrics written by Locked In A Vacancy
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Len Carmichael at Landmine Studios, Ewing, NJ

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Establishment clause
Defied by those
Who would purport
To better know

The intentions
Of forefathers
A basic tenet that has long survived

A wall of separation
between faith and governance
Crumbles each day

A dark time in our nation's history
When so many elected officials agree

They denounce sharia law in the Middle East
Stoking Islamophobic fears amongst their base
Meanwhile pushing forth a Christian theocracy
Through legislation thinly veiled to abate

Basic freedoms we take for granted
All the while distracting the masses
These hypocrites who invoke Christian values
As they interpret law as they see fit - bleaugh!

Strip away their pious veneer
Lay bare their true motivations
It's always been about power -
Money, power, and control

I won't relent
Or fall in line
It's up to us
Call out their crimes

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