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MORBIKON - Borne of Phantom Vessel (Animated Nightmare Pt. 2)

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Metal Video
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MORBIKON "Ov Mournful Twilight" LP/CD out now

"Borne of Phantom Vessel" Limited Lathe Cut Clear Square 7" available while supplies last.



borne of
phantom vessel of the deep

Bring the mortals to their knees

Brought to lands of simple beauty and splendor
The reeking stench of pestilence
Taking all, without preconception
Turning laughter into pleas for mercy

Harkened plague, the king of kings
Conquering, on blackened wings

The hour
of judgement
has come

Waking from a terrible dream
To discover that reality is worse
Bodies laid to rest, in civilized streets
Stacked like sod, ripped away from earth

Contagion born of phantom vessel
Spreading forth, this ceaseless death

Approaching nightmare

Barren lands of chaos and illness
Noble men, butchered like swine
Each and every day, a fine one to die on
The gaze of death, burned in your mind

Contagion born of phantom vessel
Wretchedly, we draw our final breath


Phil "Landphil" Hall - guitars/bass
Dave Witte - drums
Matthias "Vreth" Lillmåns - vocals
Quotidius - lyrics/vocals

Video written, edited, animated and directed by Phil Hall

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