Murmer - Sol Invictus

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Videoclip oficial de Murmur "Sol Invictus"

Dirección, guion, montaje y producción: Azahara Gómez & Lorenzo Ayuso
Dirección de fotografía: Fred J. Segado
Ayudantes de cámara: Sara Arcos, José Luque
VFX / Vestuario / Arte: Azahara Gómez
Concept art / Storyboards: Lorenzo Ayuso
Maquillaje: Eva Bueno
Una producción de Ahora Producciones

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Canción grabada y masterizada en California Studios.

Management: Black Heaven


Creations of the blinding sun
the seed of self deception
Finding delusion as real
Necrosing the thought of existence

Slaves of the beauty above
Denied from the secrets below
Longing for the hidden truth
Completeness through darkness

While sacred golden sun lies bleeding
comes our time to rise
beneath the passages of this earth
We drink from the darkest knowledge

A fire
Our cenit
The blackest sight
The shadow
within the light
The truth
Without the lie

As the morn offspring is born
Decadence of lifetimes bloom
When the two realms are found
freedom’s chains are doomed
As shadows became thinner
We reach the hollow’s end
Approaching Dante’s gate
Descending hell to witness faith

Alma mater
Draconic aeon
Sisyphean life

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